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Sun Nov 10 03:08:55 2019 +0000
33f64c1ef3e40dc619c5eb8e43c5967959f57b29Tom Prince — Bug 1546801: [firefox-ci] Do not enable taskcluster proxy on android bitbar workers; r=dustin a=tomprince CLOSED TREE
7a75cab3dd550b77ba4f748b31c1b45ce2784c84Tom Prince — Bug 1546801: [firefox-ci] Do not enable taskcluster proxy on g-w for non-internal tooltool downloads; r=dustin a=tomprince CLOSED TREE
4314b9f7e9923820472d33436673407eb3348242Tom Prince — Bug 1546801: [firefox-ci] Use taskcluster-proxy for windows builds' tooltool access; r=Callek a=tomprince CLOSED TREE
8373434efcdb93aa2fef0459d357a120aa020e6eTom Prince — Bug 1546801: [firefox-ci] Use taskcluster-proxy for windows builds' tooltool access; r=Callek a=tomprince CLOSED TREE
641fe2e15d6f1e046f4064af76d1b7c701baa469Tom Prince — Bug 1546801: [firefox-ci] Update default taskcluster; r=Callek a=tomprince CLOSED TREE
caf55914ccddba34d462a1206530d7868b6c4992Jeff Walden — Bug 1594961 - Split FrameIter-related functionality out of vm/Stack.h to vm/FrameIter.h, Activation-related functionality to vm/Activation.h, and JitActivation functionality to vm/JitActivation.h. r=jandem CLOSED TREE
98da6aa7a8a53528d2efc94e77b8024dd1646fd0Csoregi Natalia — Backed out changeset 0ecfae072196 (bug 1590167) for reftest failures on 1507661-spurious-hyphenation-after-explicit.htm. CLOSED TREE
f9f1ad5a1dfa732bfbdc099db1cf5f7e1f931773Csoregi Natalia — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1594141) for media failures on test_mediarecorder_principals.html. CLOSED TREE
75a3afcd0b4ffb432805b33bfd7ea82969fb0d20Csoregi Natalia — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 1594425) for failures on SwizzleSSE2.cpp. CLOSED TREE
23e460d5c0212fc7999cd5055841ce7d2055a146Csoregi Natalia — Backed out changeset f5a86c52bec6 (bug 1543575) for failures on browser_hidden_iframe.js. CLOSED TREE
0f89eae608917986895f8ec227dc56a4634b4d77Bogdan Tara — Backed out 6 changesets (bug 1552176) for bustages complaining about ServiceWorkerManager.cpp CLOSED TREE
aa04697d9a3f061726fd6acec930bfaa4062d290Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1595048 - move JSWindowActor notes into Fission.rst document, r=mconley
aba92aad986e96b08f23ffd7a20a0d672efd2945Scott — Bug 1594833 - Send over writing system direction to pocket popup r=Gijs
8823aa7d4ff9ea4ea54da4b453fdd17ddefb3b5cAlexander Surkov — Bug 1594122 - convert XBL test test_bug330925.xhtml to shadow DOM test r=bzbarsky
44afbc73fe15710fcc9d1591d8a783a55473cb04Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1594622 - Quantumbar: Remove the context.preselected property and rely on result.heuristic instead r=mak
90ce21e7e469a6418e2d964aba45bbfe26e9e8faAndrew Osmond — Bug 1594425 - Part 3. Make image decoder gtests use SurfaceFormat::OS_RGBA. r=tnikkel
54a28220958bbe934eafd7063fa1ed1c046ed54dAndrew Osmond — Bug 1594425 - Part 2. Switch image decoders to use SurfaceFormat::OS_RGBA. r=tnikkel
f1c1e5f12327eee77905e9b6456e667d548b6c0eAndrew Osmond — Bug 1594425 - Part 1. Add gfxPlatform QCMS helpers for SurfaceFormat::OS_RGBA. r=tnikkel
5bc477e6c6179d34331241e3f1b9040a69d9656eKashav Madan — Bug 1592027 - Make browser/extensions/pdfjs/test/ Fission-compatible, r=bdahl
254ec8dbbb9669a9600abf1d29aa6307453b55f6James Graham — Bug 1594958 - Update the in-tree README for wpt, r=maja_zf
0ecfae07219631275f41197e3bb5e7da28702c1aJonathan Kew — Bug 1590167 - Add Rust implementation of hyphenation (mapped_hyph) and hook up in place of libhyphen. r=heycam
bff9110e434e1f420ddebfc7d676023931231bbaValentin Gosu — Bug 1552176 - Generate rust methods from cenum idl r=nika
ac8f8a6dbd983514c2d8506c9f45da83c319954cValentin Gosu — Bug 1552176 - pass TRRMode into nsHTMLDNSPrefetch methods r=dragana
8dd630e7534a194c4575daf6d4f1e2dc9e419f2aValentin Gosu — Bug 1552176 - Pass TRRMode to nsDNSPrefetch r=dragana
7ce9e220cdb9985131305b61019fa9e2c2e7ab77Valentin Gosu — Bug 1552176 - Captive portal domain should not be automatically excluded from TRR r=mayhemer
ee9911acfcd4d46f67e59153df8513d444f7c4acValentin Gosu — Bug 1552176 - Add nsIRequest.set/getTRRMode r=dragana
652b3bd6848d4593a14f3095f06daa17f51addceValentin Gosu — Bug 1552176 - Unit test for TRRMode for individual channels r=dragana
6d4a958ff1554c7bc1258da680cb7c9327af529bBryce Seager van Dyk — Bug 1594141 - Handle failure to reconfigure video encoder in MediaEncoder. r=pehrsons
0516cc76b5b20ede18eafb873a289d7ababa905aBryce Seager van Dyk — Bug 1594141 - Add crashtest for if a Vp8 track encoder becomes uninitialized mid stream. r=pehrsons
acfd160d39982d163d7fddbee91e79bf221841b9Jason Laster — Bug 1594979 - Logpoints fail to log with `frame is null`. r=bhackett
2ce8f24176dd2f040f2e3be487696ab415399abcKashav Madan — Bug 1594856 - Make browser_isSynthetic.js Fission-compatible, r=mccr8
d410872412d5564635e2975ebccc2d589baa50a2Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1589082 - make it clear we don't implement getProtocolHandlerInfoFromOS in the child service on mac, r=haik
efd3b5328173b4000d4c9e7cd6940870552a501aTyson Smith — Bug 1594839 - Enable 'integer-divide-by-zero' UBSan check. r=froydnj
f291fbc0ba944efa2d68f4e2314b02552df8c19dAndré Bargull — Bug 1595042: Use js::unicode surrogate functions instead of manually comparing characters. r=arai
b15fc5d628ee487cc077e7d73652ca8b7a8dcf03Andrew McCreight — Bug 1594878 - Keep Fission processes alive in browser/components/uitour/test/. r=kmag
f5a86c52bec65dc04d5d8f58a4770633f6a86f0dYura Zenevich — Bug 1543575 - add fission specific accessibility tests. r=Jamie
0eeebae54e2e677a71c6a0cab9e26e417dcc2cb0Stephen Donner — Bug 1594589 - Typo in - missing space in-between firefoxor conditional. r=perftest-reviewers,sparky
5b0cc1595568d210a4d9b1a321310bb97d449761Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1590461 - Add to the webextensions API r=mak,mixedpuppy
70bb6b11ccf6d631e6a6ee4ef133e7f039a44695André Bargull — Bug 1595049 - Part 2: Enable some tests by default. r=arai
284eaf8632755bfb00957ba2e25e449fa5fb0bf3André Bargull — Bug 1595049 - Part 1: Use the correct receiver value in ForOfIterator::init. r=arai
e552592bceaec4bc06d8f87fb1878193ba4778a5Bobby Holley — Bug 1562761 - Add support for dispatching java runnables to Gecko event targets. r=snorp
0e3ae20248b931d87b67c344065a75a5792a0afeBrindusan Cristian — Backed out changeset efc82f89a7c7 (bug 1562761) for linting failure on CLOSED TREE
121d1852d7cc67b9b0aaf2676d0d7753b02b65d6Belén Albeza — Bug 1590758 - Fix blank panel when changing to different pages with service workers from the same domain r=jdescottes
38b76853f6abb0bd41239ec7d3972f8868f275e8Jason Laster — Bug 1593846 - Paused packet should return a frame front. r=bhackett
4c42cbc6d2221687687f668ddbeca090683dfb7fKashav Madan — Bug 1590540 - Remove BrowserTestUtils.contentPainted, r=mconley
4f07f4705345435ea6e41d3792007c56b2ca00c8Mark Banner — Bug 1583214 - Support ESR settings in the modern search configuration. r=mikedeboer
c5e03fbd66887350bed857579d6348383357a2a9Mark Banner — Bug 1583214 - Split the search engine configuration schema documentation onto a separate page. r=mikedeboer
156ff05f662e6c7eaf3f5b4349ef7cd37c31985aCosmin Sabou — Bug 1591638 - Disable track-element-src-change-error.html that is frequently failing on mac. r=jgraham
1d5515a8ba7004980aa3cd2ab39b3e2f6bbfc632Andy Wingo — Bug 1584112 - Add WebAssembly multi-value validation tests r=lth
0f3a32ae9e57a194cceab6bac1f02b19277050ecAndy Wingo — Bug 1586207 - WebAssembly validation allows multi-param and multi-result blocks r=lth
a05560d1ff4341d37ba9d252a5000e9c92bd2f17Kashav Madan — Bug 1592614 - Make browser_content_url_annotation.js Fission-compatible, r=mccr8
7034694883d7c82308efe2950ac1ad08fc02b496James Jahns — Bug 1593637 - Failed to initialize about pages:: TypeError: AboutPages.init is not a function (Normandy.jsm) r=Gijs
b8a7b94df40c3c942a80edac91c2656f9daf11a9Māris Fogels — Bug 1594955 - Restore autoconf subprocess environ in old.configure r=glandium
bfa48920ac65d80927aa7f56324d94a574098e46Neil Deakin — Bug 1590445, only adjust zoom level for FullZoomChange and TextZoomChange events for top-level frames, r=mconley
efc82f89a7c74dc8efe498342f78a4b379acabd4Bobby Holley — Bug 1562761 - Add support for dispatching java runnables to Gecko event targets. r=snorp
093ad83d0ab40951603cb3df46dc29877d51ca75Miko Mynttinen — Bug 1595036 - Put GPU debug markers behind a pref r=kvark
f414b9e6d85710f92649566c1c6511265dadd476Andrei Oprea — Bug 1589503 - Prevent bad remote triggering data from breaking all messages r=Mardak
0694c0c467584e42b9abb3d05b78f9c764cd6b18Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1591162: Clean up this ini file. r=jib
fce96cf0927052cadd5e04f190fd7a6728fdc88aMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1594215 - Make `PuppetWidget::GetEditCommands()` check `mBrowserChild` before using it r=smaug
a2efa664360f899762b56993cfd0fa6f8c3f31cfBrindusan Cristian — Backed out changeset 0163a2b9ca5c (bug 1592620) for mochitest failures at test_dataChannel_hostnameObfuscationWhitelist.html. CLOSED TREE
f7482adc21f50d8a3aa7cba4c8de9b23c5146449shindli — Backed out changeset 4eadc0b0b1f8 (bug 1583214) as requested by Standard8 on irc CLOSED TREE
69a0758705a9e90bf2cdc6c0fe6d9c089103d31dSimon Giesecke — Bug 1168606 - Resolved clang-tidy warnings. r=ttung,asuth
a36036d07b9f00ea3dc25ea33e45a8e1e8aba798Simon Giesecke — Bug 1168606 - Replace custom for loops over hashtables by range-based for/STL algorithms. r=ttung,asuth
43dbad71664bb2c5779b54decd5133db076ec6a0Simon Giesecke — Bug 1168606 - Replace pseudo-move constructor of StructuredCloneReadInfo by explicit DeserializeStructuredCloneReadInfo function. r=ttung,asuth
19188ca451132c3c547238c737a575f199b89a73Martin Stransky — Bug 1593408 [Wayland] Position mozcontainer wayland subsurface at moz_container_move(), r=jhorak
6fb4aa1b817d5995c11f0507b6273b373fedb02ethomasmo — Bug 1594794 - NULL Crash in MediaKeySystemAccessManager::CheckDoesWindowSupportProtectedMedia r=bryce,bzbarsky
e58433e75e955fcc154b0ed647a352fa308ccb1eshindli — Backed out 8 changesets (bug 1497007) for causing build bustages in /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/dom/indexedDB/IDBTransaction.cpp CLOSED TREE
682483b64a30714b3adf47feb2586bdacdc1800bMicah Tigley — Bug 1578887 - Implement simulating viewport orientation for embedded RDM UI r=gl
fc30883fa2df56453b72da1d59112c5af3f01854sotaro — Bug 1594303 - Code clean up around RenderAndroidSurfaceTextureHostOGL r=jnicol
dcf27b7319be0e146ada074ac07602767d5cea04Daisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1592514: Make the compatibility panel scrollable. r=rcaliman,ladybenko
d225a443c87224ffb8950fa99e63d073c55acbfdDaisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1592514: Add split line to the issue item. r=rcaliman,ladybenko
780dcd9ffb0d51d2fb30986dc6a01f254528567eDaisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1592514: Show warning/info icon. r=rcaliman,ladybenko
0c729397f7379f3cdc3e960973bdd1178fd2011cDaisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1592514: Show the issue causes. r=rcaliman,ladybenko
0cce2c2e895749435a0b175cb96cf01058676cf4Daisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1592514: Make the CSS properties which caused the isse to be a link for the MDN doc. r=rcaliman,ladybenko
0163a2b9ca5ca939aa9f5b3c1ae139ee33814c0aDan Minor — Bug 1592620 - Add whitelist for mDNS hostname obfuscation; r=bwc
c61c05f3707767aaf77f7cffa741c86ef44ace2dPeter Moore — Bug 1575648 - don't set RUSTFLAGS='--deny warnings' (temporary fix) r=nical
8a3b5136ca68cde46a20aa40e0541ff2f1658e44John Dai — Bug 1594708 - Enable formdata event by default; r=edgar
39bc5b23a7a9047fa3770d80787a0d93c9491ee9Andy Wingo — Bug 1592983 - Only validate WebAssembly baseline stack in live code r=lth
aa8e5bc16edd8ec3597de2d36044834218fba0cbJon Coppeard — Bug 1593329 - Split up FinalizationGroup tests r=sfink
1de3fc411adadda1b2bb87f392d754039942b3fcJon Coppeard — Bug 1593329 - Make oomTest delazify its thunk first so that allocations doing that don't mask those in the thunk itself r=sfink
52be2a1daacd90ef14c410106b0cb470464bb486Jon Coppeard — Bug 1593329 - Fix problems handling OOM related to FinalizationGroup r=sfink
526d08f2c191cdf8f5bbf13c620d9f9d54562e24Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1594637 - Fix browser_webconsole_output_order intermittent. r=Honza.
4abf68889876561e21d1b6fc9f794ae1e13bd08cNicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1572667 - Re-enable stubs tests. r=Honza.
fe77f0688782ff653ecd4475867b30d6f8a12127Marco Bonardo — Bug 1593663 - Polish megabar one-offs shrinking behavior. r=harry
15de0d72f1c42745a24dd32550f4c8dd1884ce2fSimon Giesecke — Bug 1497007 - Mark group of methods exposed via webidl. r=ttung,asuth
7056932f64222b6787681ee2117a214ba7c96e08Simon Giesecke — Bug 1497007 - Added explaining comments. r=ttung,asuth
7304fae8c4364b150f04e6e3d9a5d34cf27345acSimon Giesecke — Bug 1497007 - Use IDBTransaction::IsWriteAllowed to simplify code. r=ttung,asuth
be22a95de04b3917bb18ae9b7f995dea4d02cd79Simon Giesecke — Bug 1497007 - Extracted GetIndexedDBThreadLocal function. r=ttung,asuth
98ac48b5f1ef0fb93b87cda238d5cd5b1e7970aeSimon Giesecke — Bug 1497007 - Replace custom for loops by range-based for and appropriate algorithms. r=ttung,asuth
562d3cda9fa39ede2a172913876e4600aae78c0fSimon Giesecke — Bug 1497007 - Minor improvements. r=ttung,asuth
3f96e71be2e3063fb4c2013e6ad62b06fab71cd1Simon Giesecke — Bug 1497007 - Extracted HasTransactionChild and DoWithTransactionChild functions. r=ttung,asuth
3d9e86698c9fbe0fc6cf56faa32c7380913dc97dSimon Giesecke — Bug 1497007 - Use const where easily possible. r=ttung,asuth
0be1ccb7d919bd33e287c7485d262b894b96a2ccoctavian.negru — Bug 1595028 - Fix manifest error r=perftest-reviewers,Bebe
e7c129480d82196a8f7eb892d01540074e63bd9cHenrik Skupin — Bug 1594871 - [remote] Callers of loadURL() in browser_captureScreenshot.js have to use await. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,ato
b78631b2bccdd0b08e3b701c88b03088a7823701André Bargull — Bug 1592992 - Part 19: Move jsutil.cpp to util/Utility.cpp. r=jonco
75f180647de362e3673d5fb9f19efeaecc14213eAndré Bargull — Bug 1592992 - Part 18: Remove jsutil.h. r=jonco
e7051eca20f58f94b68a371bb9ec2f795049e03fAndré Bargull — Bug 1592992 - Part 17: Remove includes for jsutil.h. r=jonco
1f4c3e6e6c7e5032c043c78fb9710152b07b929fAndré Bargull — Bug 1592992 - Part 16: Include util/DiagnosticAssertions.h where necessary. r=jonco
c29e5c442d0ee579ae0338e661f45a0c89191450André Bargull — Bug 1592992 - Part 15: Include util/Poison.h where necessary. r=jonco
70f5608fb8f28689ab0a2331b63e0596aacc6fffAndré Bargull — Bug 1592992 - Part 14: Include util/Memory.h where necessary. r=jonco
6f9ec747d5b61825464b378cec980546aab79805André Bargull — Bug 1592992 - Part 13: Include util/BitArray.h where necessary. r=jonco
879358fd177136a5989b627dd297957065c12105André Bargull — Bug 1592992 - Part 12: Replace js::Min/Max with std::min/max. r=jonco
2df8363a5d34e7972e18d63cec98109979207606André Bargull — Bug 1592992 - Part 11: Remove no longer needed includes from jsutil.h. r=jonco
e6fb5e9d00f45ad3b5bfb0b7f8df77ef63ecb3d6André Bargull — Bug 1592992 - Part 10: Split diagnostic assertions from jsutil.h. r=jonco
c7eee900c240c23c96ac884d00f87f751cf6fc1cAndré Bargull — Bug 1592992 - Part 9: Move js::IsInitialized() into its sole caller. r=jonco
ab4ac2b0cb6e13797d9891b9f5bdef2b70e0996fAndré Bargull — Bug 1592992 - Part 8: Split memory and byte alignment functions from jsutil.h. r=jonco
3b7daea3fbf06f23537345b8b9b34820f8bcb62aAndré Bargull — Bug 1592992 - Part 7: Split bit-array functions from jsutil.h. r=jonco
212c71d3ed1c291910d22c822f0752d1a2d578f2André Bargull — Bug 1592992 - Part 6: Split poisoning functions from jsutil.h. r=jonco
3d592f96e69a06ec7b7d4cffc6ccc07dbd659f59André Bargull — Bug 1592992 - Part 5: Replace js::Reverse with std::reverse. r=jonco
aeed2e27a9bd5e03ab9d2557933ebe60e2e7888aAndré Bargull — Bug 1592992 - Part 4: Replace js::EqualContainers with std::equal. r=jonco
01b3529c554e9d4a7e7497dc1897c23f515aa654André Bargull — Bug 1592992 - Part 3: Replace js::EraseIf with Vector::eraseIf where possible. r=jonco
39d4f511997aad7d3f138fdcdaa9b846e2ab50f7André Bargull — Bug 1592992 - Part 2: Replace js::Find with std::find. r=jonco
3cd1ccce483f7f5be21da8a1edafe7bad11d22d2André Bargull — Bug 1592992 - Part 1: Remove unused jsutil functions. r=jonco
6d393135fdb9709fea22203fd3bb4b772db1d868Mihai Alexandru Michis — Backed out changeset 1aae03a822b8 (bug 1591947) for causing reftest failures in image-appearance-dynamic.xul CLOSED TREE
e5afdf94e02f05b1e6fca03cb9a3104407cf04adMihai Alexandru Michis — Backed out changeset 14e64e208672 (bug 1590167) for causing failures in spurious-hyphenation-after-explicit.html and nsHyphenator.cpp
0d841f62bf5178ccb239aec9ea87bb0ac4444b60Brindusan Cristian — Bug 1583214 - follow-up for failing xpcshell's test_engine_selector.js. CLOSED TREE
3123c2b245d36de1cfefd63776bf069b807039deBrindusan Cristian — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1583214) for failing xpcshell's test_engine_selector.js. CLOSED TREE
4ece25f199732f42adf8409219bb0ab232621a2dSebastian Hengst — Bug 1594981 - update Core::DOM* and Core::Storage* bugzilla product and component meta data in files after reorganization in bug 1594717. r=annevk
14e64e208672eaf12c1386a68aa1b81336fe708eJonathan Kew — Bug 1590167 - Add Rust implementation of hyphenation (mapped_hyph) and hook up in place of libhyphen. r=heycam
dc40e210b05dea7e79111f627d1184bd7be4d8ebMark Banner — Bug 1593561 - Ensure the search service can still run if the distribution directory is unreadable by the current user. r=mikedeboer
6230e2be1251f592481f85f30f1920843a134119Jon Coppeard — Bug 1594273 - Add an RAII class which empties the nursery as well as preparing for tracing r=sfink CLOSED TREE
52a6fac5e177f7c2b242855e1d4ecd0617ca4a51Itiel — Bug 1279230 - Convert Pocket CSS to logical properties to prepare for RTL support r=thecount,Gijs
91888af951c5e671b6cd76ecefc5c446f86765bdsotaro — Bug 1592512 - Handle surface opacity of OS compositor surface on Windows r=gw
e2ceb42ddbbff20868afb21dfee7be3ea89ea134Maja Frydrychowicz — Bug 1590467 - Use new testing options in puppeteer-test mach command; r=remote-protocol-reviewers,ato
278f81464fc09a3b91654c9720b08997f614fcfeMaja Frydrychowicz — Bug 1590467 - Updated vendored puppeteer with proposed browser selection; r=remote-protocol-reviewers,ato
dacb2051e47e4664bfa38a5015f37121627725d9Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1593487 - tighten up registerWindowActor's handling of nonsensical actor specifications and remove cruft, r=nika,mconley
3198c5e82d53da785bb22eb46d1b300d3d8c054fItiel — Bug 1594526 - Fix margin of seachbar image for RTL r=mikedeboer
1aae03a822b891ef346603d537c271e5c9b8c677Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1591947 - Fix style changes from list-style-image to -moz-appearance for XUL images. r=TYLin
3d07be0ac7bc4299b733ab05d3d70c6a11cba14dMark Banner — Bug 1583214 - Support ESR settings in the modern search configuration. r=mikedeboer
4eadc0b0b1f86fdf93f1647743d4558814466122Mark Banner — Bug 1583214 - Split the search engine configuration schema documentation onto a separate page. r=mikedeboer
478c5bf5ccb37d3a38bda833a8751fd43db58ff1shindli — Backed out changeset 50b2bb645118 (bug 1594273) for causing build bustages CLOSED TREE
92e49cf89327535894b74e2f3d86fb4d38b563a9shindli — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 1593329) for causing spidermonkey bustages in js/src/builtin/FinalizationGroupObject.cpp:229 CLOSED TREE
50b2bb645118f2650abfc9f40d409114e57746bdJon Coppeard — Bug 1594273 - Add an RAII class which empties the nursery as well as preparing for tracing r=sfink
6daf24d641d942350626455dfc754ff8c18885c7Jon Coppeard — Bug 1593329 - Split up FinalizationGroup tests r=sfink
382341353d0d989eb1bbb660329e380f90036e71Jon Coppeard — Bug 1593329 - Make oomTest delazify its thunk first so that allocations doing that don't mask those in the thunk itself r=sfink
139cd5e4f7db4904fe876bc9e90c6ac73c316096Jon Coppeard — Bug 1593329 - Fix problems handling OOM related to FinalizationGroup r=sfink
26df551013d3563a00d3be94a725196c43ac0306Nicolas Silva — Bug 1585760 - Check that GetTextureForwarder isn't null in more places. r=sotaro
892ec9a8534a5481e51dc9d169f35e1f132ce391Nicolas Silva — Bug 1585760 - Store a flag in the TextureChild indicating use of the ImageBridge. r=sotaro
1e074d517e70428a8bad2ca2c74200f42515d69bNicolas Silva — Bug 1585760 - Check that IPC is open before accessing parent protocol. r=sotaro
c75b52fa7f43782fe40a879e98d9e3c78601cb3eGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1444631 - fix browser_utilityOverlay.js to not trip over about:blank loads, r=nhnt11
d3b22e1c0b88e90671e8d5f3badbc1ad5ccfdee3Mihai Alexandru Michis — Bug 1591590 - Disable browser_toolbox_console_new_process.js on macos debug, linux debug and windows ccov for frequent failures. r=nchevobbe
f4af5277f54801d76a676b3c91bc5ab0fc3b6df3Michael Hoffmann — Bug 1579982 - Handle dark theme in profiler popup r=julienw
570e196fe12d5a9e6251ce0961ff187c5af86ef0Miko Mynttinen — Bug 1594436 - Fix glterrain talos test r=jgilbert
550c2f8bde45234e1e0e4138dcb92cb8706e2c4dAndreas Pehrson — Bug 1590997 - Defer setting MediaRecorder mimeType attribute until firing start event. r=jib
42f9a49ed38f4e162bfec01550c96227d0b64a06Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1590997 - Update tests for new MediaRecorder mimetype-at-start-event behavior. r=jib
b7d3f7bb8f7c4a43392673bfb26e1efcfe438b55Nicolas Silva — Bug 1594500 - Document the memory layout of brush vertex shaders. r=gw
ba0583a1574979026fc25a800fbf36772482cdf5Simon Giesecke — Bug 1586189 - Reenable fission tests. r=ttung
fa48864121534510d29a5a2d625ea4192b92eb0eMarco Bonardo — Bug 1594418 - Fix bookmark mochitests for Fission. r=adw
57f80c89ac99c0bb4d08533a53b98047c0b2a7e0Geoff Lankow — Bug 1594963 - Add do_report_result to XPCShell test globals. r=Standard8
fa523205638f7d47e6a730007be46955b30b584aoctavian.negru — Bug 1593694 - Mirror bigger item max on mozilla-central r=perftest-reviewers,igoldan
0e0f33fd72b8334cfdde8b4dfdb3f237a60a43a7joshua stein — Bug 1580271: defer to xdg-open when opening files on OpenBSD r=gcp
faf2b623b315b7faf436ae69b9464f286f2ddd24joshua stein — Bug 1580271: enhance sandbox on OpenBSD with unveil() r=gcp
8e2be8ec03fc1f6eab748d35240c41c1656724f8joshua stein — Bug 1580268: Sandbox GPU process on OpenBSD with pledge() r=gcp
396a73e240dfcb4273ec0657df07284b172d9ca6joshua stein — Bug 1584839 - Move OpenBSD pledge promises to files r=gcp
f61b8acc6660bb1588b43472e59361a858662ad7rfkelly — Bug 1591312 - Revert to using BrowserID to generate OAuth tokens. r=markh
d7bee8f2fa9a9649e39f75d6d420ef048dd0b4a7James Teh — Bug 1593396: If the content of an embed or object element changes to be web content, recreate as an OuterDocAccessible. r=MarcoZ
41a809838799749458784cdb8a92d32adb9bff90Arthur Iakab — Backed out changeset 573654d340bc (bug 1279230) for causing browser-chrome failures on browser_parsable_css.js. CLOSED TREE
df27a8ecb55de64499078a4bbf26b2dfc42e27a1Noemi Erli — Backed out changeset 22df7ed1b3c4 (bug 1593846) for causing debugger failures CLOSED TREE
22df7ed1b3c4c5d3aba094f07d75ebf61520afd0Jason Laster — Bug 1593846 - Paused packet should return a frame front. r=bhackett
9c6862eee5b269b6909a9c51a5767c9c6ca9e7c3Ed Lee — Bug 1590328 - [mozlint] Include mozbuild path now that mozversioncontrol uses it r=ahal
b1aa588704613c6d72f4c609f16527e4f417e09dEdwin Takahashi — Bug 1508320 - upgrade vendored psutil package to 5.6.3 r=ahal,gbrown
099cebd1bbd76fe79c944e6456fa0eb640659ba4Jim Porter — Bug 1592470 - Don't cancel content JS when "navigating" to javascript: URLs; r=smaug
db3edf4d18409b1f821cbe671bb5db33b3b5ed80Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1594907 - Fix some duplicate URL segments in firefox-source-docs, r=sylvestre
bc8aa0201da85c45770c960ade2c97889b076305Noemi Erli — Backed out changeset ec5a8a6a37d4 (bug 1594874) for causing Linux build bustages CLOSED TREE
21aecc366f78ddc3732c46e48b25b0fcba20b931Noemi Erli — Backed out changeset 4c9e50d055ea (bug 1585907) per developer's request
5b16a917ca17c762c853fc56b5d4f36eade4b688Kevin Jacobs — Bug 1575735 - Explicitly check key strength of TLS channel by setting authKeyBits earlier in SSL_AuthCertificate r=keeler
573654d340bce73cb4f90b777b86cffc79fe0280Itiel — Bug 1279230 - Convert Pocket CSS to logical properties to prepare for RTL support r=thecount,Gijs
1be5155585ae975d6b400f9776f1f7d193ab1509Itiel — Bug 1594808 - Fix loading direction of the monitor and lockwise cards in about:protections for RTL r=ewright
ec5a8a6a37d41c4447eb2e71004c5f07893959a3Emma Malysz — Bug 1594874, remove and instances r=zbraniecki
8df9e44645e481fbd3d0bff5f4cdab9fbd6ad8c1Perry Jiang — Bug 1587960 - Replace StreamListenerParent's channel on internal redirects r=asuth,mattwoodrow,kmag
256dd52a81ff2273dc44c27feb72ee7028e884d2James Teh — Bug 1594623: Suppress focus events for OuterDocAccessibles to prevent incorrect reporting for OOP iframes. r=yzen
dff542b772e590137a2e3d9785f5c32878f256f1Mark Striemer — Bug 1594417 - Ensure panel-list is hidden when added to document r=Gijs
9dab1e24b598feeabf3d3089e5790a8f5ad4e263Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1588602: Remove this intermittent crash expectation since bug 1586593 has landed. r=jib
8e822bb904b1a2a4846c51ecbae38335aec268ecBarret Rennie — Bug 1581240 - Return collected frames as a promise to JS r=bzbarsky,mstange,nika
34d96c88ee69636384f3ae89c58a50274ac95f5bBarret Rennie — Bug 1581240 - Add an API to retrieve the collected frames from WebRender r=mstange
a11afd00e52d20239fe704c219e4106ef8dd284eBarret Rennie — Bug 1581240 - Return collected frames from the composition recorder as data URIs r=mstange
d9917b1c50176c81df33f4ca3f351e42a78e282cBarret Rennie — Bug 1581240 - Return a Promise from windowUtils.setCompositionRecording() r=nika
cc67d6b5fc134a26ecb7d112e6e640f72378e10bNathan Froyd — Bug 1594730 - fix silly bug for the background event target; r=KrisWright
897eb7fb05808abaf1c3e293743a64629a7f1766Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1594472 - do less work for same-document navigations, r=MattN,mconley
13179bc8b061fdf8f7edc8f2fa8632b9581527faMatthew Noorenberghe — No bug - Remove stale TODO about SCOPE_MONITOR in AboutProtectionsHandler.jsm.
6a21e61770a8668cddce4825f9199270c5de35fbAnthony Hughes — Bug 1594799 - [iris firefox] Update Taskcluster to the latest rev of iris_firefox r=mbrandt
66d5bfb225a840a73a30cb9642226a3df7907c82Jonathan Kew — Bug 1594843 - Clamp the maximum padding between decoration line segments and glyphs when applying text-decoration-skip-ink. r=dholbert
4ab85fb8f492367e99ce2871a5ca122bdc213948Mike Hommey — Bug 1586100 - Only depend on js/src/export when it is available. r=dmajor
5c88ec5a98a6d5ca2cc660e189e08dac804fa584Mike Hommey — Bug 1586100 - Avoid circular dependencies related to config/export|host. r=dmajor
1981ad0923890a3de709364a0b1a054068e4a71aPunam Dahiya — Bug 1593652 - Set default triplet to fix extended triplet on first opened new tab r=Mardak
7ad9bbe188ef79bc0e9f6b41e74c02ea5d4aedc0Jason Laster — Bug 1571704 - Make ThreadActor.frames return Frame fronts instead of JSON objects. r=nchevobbe
8c3fd95b4e2692be35d531d5c27e7cf380bbe370Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 1578831 - Link directly to breakage report subview when ETP is off. r=timhuang,fluent-reviewers,flod
829d65c3ea2a78cb4c71fa272bfdc7393330e3bcCosmin Sabou — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. CLOSED TREE
0051e7ea0497ddeec45e8c6c7993862df21f3464Erica Wright — Bug 1588645 - Ensure data is saved correctly before database closes on shutdown. r=nhnt11,robwu
fe7a4ae3b3849ea16323e1832d9b96063b95df56Arthur Iakab — Bug 1593071 - Fix for the license lint failure. r=RyanVM
df2ba9ebafc9181cbac08044596bdaf311c28fe5Mike Conley — Bug 1553510 - Don't compute whether or not to show the Bookmarks Toolbar for new profiles until Places has finished initting. r=MattN
c179bdbb0d2ac61df8672c7baa31e2ecb797cd05Brian Grinstead — Bug 1591145 - Remove Document.GetAnonymousElementByAttribute r=webidl,baku
c1bec3dd88fabd1b1887a14d6117f1ec8198a5a4Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1594868 - Use caption for the nav bar. It significantly improves the rendering r=ahal
91f0c25fdae8445485d2f774a35fec826cec7621Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1594866 - Move the configuration in the yml file r=ahal
f6bda59a157d26ba9356c0070acca03a47ccccb6Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1594866 - doc: rename redirects.yml to config.yml r=ahal
7c24449d6802f24cb122e0d2d06ee1bf772884d9Kashav Madan — Bug 1588193 - Fix broken tests, r=mccr8
9944bddc7b997b433f348d5ad3603952f7a258b8Kashav Madan — Bug 1588193 - Fix BrowserTestUtils.waitForContentEvent with Fission, r=mccr8
3c4ee65f29c6507e470e75aa26d644eda63d09d1Kashav Madan — Bug 1588193 - Swallow InvalidStateError exceptions caused by docshell retrievals, r=mccr8
8cc74a09b1c61b0bcc8a58281dbcf6581ff77b12Kashav Madan — Bug 1588193 - Register the ContentEventListener actor for every browsing context, r=mconley
660463ccc32add783c316aa5779d24bc9891b9c0Kashav Madan — Bug 1588193 - Don't dispatch AboutNetErrorLoad until we're completely setup, r=johannh
23beeed3139d9507186356e03e2de0fb611a08d9Alexander Surkov — Bug 1589170 - add a test for accessible element insertion under shadow DOM of inaccessible element r=MarcoZ
542cf8d949b18f4920d869227552f0d6e135bb06Shane Caraveo — Bug 1594710 remove deprecated proxy api from schema r=rpl
15b3172e3743de9c7c010bbfbb307f6edcf1f217Matthew Gaudet — Bug 1594516 - Use baseScript to access isDerivedClassConstructor r=tcampbell
cb1d6ff78a03cf7ff20dd0caf656980a23fde63eMatthew Gaudet — Bug 1594516 - Use baseScript() for hasMappedArgsObject, and remove unused setter r=tcampbell
ee5b5cbfc6dd7a5bd7f5d2c295aa351de1004856Matthew Gaudet — Bug 1594516 - Use baseScript() for setIsDefaultClassConstructor r=tcampbell
4b4c2fa6e6fa6bac0227b1ebe5f7e185de7116a0Luca Greco — Bug 1575891 - browsingData API should not clear nextGen localStorage data stored by browser components and extensions. r=mixedpuppy,asuth,johannh
497690887467ccf0709d71fdb1b20d0647388df9Haik Aftandilian — Bug 1593071 - [macOS] Land different entitlement files for parent and child processes r=spohl
e9fdfcb12590a9c93ec2b98b3c29e3eb759a429fMatthew Gaudet — Bug 1587574 - Add test for fieldInitializers lookup r=jorendorff
e348521419d6dbe43d88bb6814fe8de94121b495Kashav Madan — Bug 1594859 - Fix incorrect "Tabbed Browsing" BUG_COMPONENT, r=jmaher
268bb05a7a9a0984c6c2715e9ff76513bb96c5fcDoug Thayer — Bug 1594051 - Perform fallible alloc when copying buffer from StartupCache r=froydnj
d9a3fbd31fe584dec053e19683fa3234b25d2f45Dan Minor — Bug 1594673 - Actually disable RTCDataChannel-send on win32; r=ng
48e4197e500330589012afb685f17903ac89428bPerry Jiang — Bug 1588353 - Remove unnecessary Unused << for non-MOZ_MUST_USE function return value r=asuth
8ff3fc3e27c5e5361fe2507efd8ff15e767fcc00Shane Caraveo — Bug 1590898 test encoding in webRequest.filterResponseData r=mattwoodrow
d3312cfcb08b8c5593860a9b5d5e7dc3e071d358Chris Fallin — Bug 1594753: Backed out changeset 78d02a12be59. r=mgaudet
1f8651278127b1431c8dbec4cac0eba4e2a0f046Noemi Erli — Backed out 7 changesets (bug 1492582) for causing ss mochitest failures CLOSED TREE
ce6090991688a3e70c0c414690704e13c42107beRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 1594871 - Disable the racy sub-test. r=whimboo
a8d5b5b537cebc5b2de484cfa5b5d340ef9cb474Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1590151 - Update Cargo.lock to fix broken SM builds. r=eijebong CLOSED TREE
705533ca2ccbc551379eea7c783280bd353244faAndré Bargull — Bug 1540021: Implement String.prototype.replaceAll proposal. r=jorendorff
1a256ac8701b41e441315f46ff0a87347d1cc74bJeff Walden — Bug 1593888 - Actually finish the job of making rtfuzzing not bootleg stuff. r=decoder
7a717c05853df523e2efe48848307ad6901d2c4fJeff Walden — Bug 1593887 - Fix a bunch of bootlegged dependency errors if you change FILES_PER_UNIFIED_FILE to 1. r=tcampbell
c07d058d206cf71d16f85bf2294e1265b402ee18Matt Woodrow — Bug 1594166 - Dont do nsContentSecurityManager checks for internal redirects. r=baku,ckerschb
8b10deda7d0ef57c0feac757b81435fc83e02b87Matt Woodrow — Bug 1594166 - Don't add a manual ref when constructing FileChannelChild, since it's a refcounted IPDL class. r=nika
0da839f538f2a962d94b1e2feb56b73622c49e14Matt Woodrow — Bug 1594166 - Handle channel types that don't implement nsIChildChannel when switching to a real channel from DocumentChannel. r=mayhemer
1d1e8f14b42be032f7edb488e3172d7d4702c748Matt Woodrow — Bug 1594166 - Enable DocumentChannel for ftp, file and blob. r=nika
50b6f4d2e0d221719e51af7a8a1765591680f344Matt Woodrow — Bug 1593560 - Fix browser_firstPartyIsolation to not use w.content. r=kmag
f370f4b602e0e73af7e62337950ef9c62a9626a4Matt Woodrow — Bug 1593560 - Make sure IPCBlobInputStream::ReadSegments is always supported, regardless of which inner async stream type gets created. r=baku
f85931cd9c303e6975c138d6e80c80566406fd48Matt Woodrow — Bug 1593560 - Release mListener and break the cycle if AsyncOpen fails in DocumentChannelParent, since OnStopRequest won't be delivered to mListener in this case, which is where we usually break the cycle. r=jya
7fda1001834ac0443693ff9d0594d940248f96cbMatt Woodrow — Bug 1593560 - Support non-http channels in SendCrossProcessRedirect. r=jya
40c8c2cd4fe93acf44973131f96d4b87180dc1f3Matt Woodrow — Bug 1593560 - Only return false from NS_InputStreamIsBuffered if the underlying object doesn't implement ReadSegments. r=mayhemer
ec368ed71cb67a2fd8ffb587e75393efd472ba3aMatt Woodrow — Bug 1593560 - Adjust tests to wait for data uri to load properly, since it now includes an extra IPDL roundtrip. r=kmag,ochameau
bd4e2201c2868daa1a2e2d019a62710218c3ef92Matt Woodrow — Bug 1593560 - Allow data urls with DocumentChannel. r=nika
7f37cd6cfcf95df4b6b1c3df4d1941f459751e6eAndreea Pavel — Bug 1588241 - disable browser_partitionedMessaging.js on all patforms r=gbrown
3ef1ca5d2649f2d8c1541396cf09fee642913913Henrik Skupin — Bug 1587846 - [remote] Add "quality" option to Page.captureScreenshot. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,ato,maja_zf
cfee639c527a2329efe78accce8e296a8f9c7d83Henrik Skupin — Bug 1587846 - [remote] Add "format" option to Page.captureScreenshot. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,ato
e8155e813e54b0c8d00a5f11fc96560d212ef9aaHenrik Skupin — Bug 1587846 - [remote] Fix payload of return value for Page.captureScreenshot. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,ato
e84eb54d56518c979589913a5196293a231d4425Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1593806 - fix file type descriptions in appPicker.js and as a driveby, stop displaying a literal 'undefined' when using it for protocols, r=mkaply
d2bc1e3612ead0bf81edae9a87c5fe4e1052288eHenrik Skupin — Bug 1592643 - [remote] Implement Target.activateTarget. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,maja_zf,ato
f2ade55c9d2c80d4cde6156b929d13c4c37e1bb4Henrik Skupin — Bug 1591922 - [remote] Page.bringToFront has to wait for activate and focus events. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,ato
1948116910ec6f3681010fd9e183f8f08982f076Henrik Skupin — Bug 1592643 - [remote] Methods in Target domain have to raise for invalid "targetId" argument. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,ato
923df8ec570ab7e97ed903b5570508e59b11c12bHenrik Skupin — Bug 1592643 - [remote] Refactor and improve browser chrome tests for Target domain. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,ato
59cd8ffc7379dcf7d705aaa0aa6e46888b1334a0Mike Conley — Bug 1582600 - Make PiP code handle the case where sometimes calling .get() on a weak reference throws NS_ERROR_XPC_BAD_CONVERT_NATIVE (bug 800957). r=mstriemer
01eb66307875ee964208ed951ee995b74f01ab9bThomas Wisniewski — Bug 1578942 - suspendTimeouts on inner window while GeckoSession is inactive; r=snorp,bzbarsky
f331f382d86bc23f85029c7380b938cc67010a3aAlex Chronopoulos — Bug 1594067 - Fix RemoveTrailing to handle correctly keep frames equals to zero. r=padenot
cb5434e79ec6a188207818423e92485ff84d9c23Alex Chronopoulos — Bug 1594067 - Clear the AudioSegment when FlushAfter is called with new end equals to zero. r=padenot
82dfb8d2168bfbcbfa9134903a5a5e9197129ee7Andreea Pavel — Bug 1533895 - disable browser_broadcast.js on fission r=kashav
d59c3470584a978f82a01534cb393be942f1dd4fNicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1592969 - Show async separator in Frame component. r=davidwalsh.
cc5ba185000817048946121942490e3409d554c5Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 1594747. Update bitflags in WebRender to 1.2. r=kvark
40f4f1079552d8d5793bd82f141cf098e4cc2275Dave Townsend — Bug 1513855: Make sure that quit-application-granted and quit-application notifications are always sent. r=froydnj
613cdbb8111686c8be0b9a6e90b2bd92899226f0Lee Salzman — Bug 1585713 - reduce WR font size limit from 512 to 320. r=jnicol
3479e57e405a9b3b97acc25f76ab4797b0994e84Lee Salzman — Bug 1585713 - disable subpixel positioning for oversized WR fonts. r=jnicol
e517398d7ab9a17f721e5940037fbed56717557dLee Salzman — Bug 1585713 - don't prune WR glyphs that were recently used. r=jnicol
84a12c5a54960f7a8d15fe0e979ac838a88d488fAlexandre Poirot — Bug 1592363 - Make the console use the TargetList. r=nchevobbe
268a241e565100c7433a03f6e41a490985b1b2c1Chun-Min Chang — Bug 1590151 - Update cubeb-coreaudio-rs to cd954ca. r=padenot
dd340ac5da49b543871350ff1f7e56e51cae4059André Bargull — Bug 1560355 - Part 3: Add support for "numberingSystem" and "calendar" options. r=jwalden
c4ad6acd96906f2846156c7985729b74ebd38c0eAndré Bargull — Bug 1560355 - Part 2: Use LanguageTag to add "collation" keyword to Collator locale. r=jwalden
ba3307f474601809431832d35b1dc925b2471847André Bargull — Bug 1560355 - Part 1: Change ApplyUnicodeExtensionToTag to accept a list of Unicode extension keywords. r=jwalden
271bbaa11d214236cb48d1cad9b2cf10ec440bc2Andreea Pavel — Bug 1581884 - disable browser_blockHPKP.js on all platforms r=gbrown
ed588410fb6bddefad350b1d9a0c232310f1412aAndreea Pavel — Bug 1581657 - Disable ContentBlockingControllerTest.getLog() on Android r=gbrown
36b9d7d55eaef1dec87bb58c0086e4fb6fb69a83Ricky Stewart — Bug 1593844 - Add moz.configure bits to specify a LUCETC binary r=froydnj
1484255e5f4df32ea381c58669ed22545a70d4a7Brendan Dahl — Bug 1492582 - Use XUL inspector highlighter for HTML docs without scroll frames. r=bgrins
bbf62ef50e529b304b8fab6a211cd244ff0291f1Brendan Dahl — Bug 1492582 - Don't create scroll frames for windows that don't need them. r=emilio
836724d3860e8d7d41588bd51dc042242a1dc160Brendan Dahl — Bug 1492582 - Fix browser drag tests when using HTML root element. r=Gijs
5efddfd196b5c4b61e166ae183b3cce8b0699ba3Brendan Dahl — Bug 1492582 - Fix test_queryCaretRect.html. r=dao
d4be1aa8cdb6189649fb09e812fc3ca0aa2bf83eBrendan Dahl — Bug 1492582 - Support the <body> element being the default focus node in browser.xhtml r=Gijs
f05dfbeff17b6fcad6815daa15e35c6f6d7b0792Brendan Dahl — Bug 1492582 - Use document.title instead of writing the title attribute on the document element r=dao
e0e56a195659d800f8583bc5b8ea4f18c21e9ae5Brendan Dahl — Bug 1492582 - Use html root element in browser.xhtml and update styling to support html roots r=Gijs
0e1787464553e2acfcf630a03775b405b30fc4e7ffxbld — No Bug, mozilla-central repo-update HSTS HPKP blocklist remote-settings - a=repo-update r=RyanVM
7dbdefb0534751a417c7bdf26fd977199b01d32aCiure Andrei — Backed out changeset 90745d442c4b for causing build bustages CLOSED TREE
53b75b879af625813baa2510d000f71b5af48a7fAndrew McCreight — Bug 1588618 - Make browser_xhr_onchange_leak.js Fission-compatible. r=smaug
bec112cfa8d2c34fc5ccc1d87a9d14f22884ee7dYoshi Cheng-Hao Huang — Bug 1593975 - update test. r=jonco
9d6c5b6e3275e5f28fbe8efc3a8041c849eac2d6Yoshi Cheng-Hao Huang — Bug 1593975 - update linearWeakMarkingDisabled_ to MainThreadOrGCTaskData. r=jonco
b28d6808d75ffce303df5da11bda4f0599fa7a5bMartin Stransky — Bug 1589642 - Use gfxPlatformGtk instead of GDK_IS_X11_DISPLAY(gdk_display_get_default() to check current dispay type, r=jhorak
ff761b1ad417d29fe22fd623984f656ee7922285Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1592165 - Update HarfBuzz to 2.6.4. r=jfkthame
ca070ea1fc32fc81c3279bba96e10853519d9557Michal Novotny — Bug 1593693 - nsINetworkLinkService.isLinkUp returns true when no network connection is available, r=valentin
b4ad9edd2a89ef7fe2afe9badea5a5fa1dd24915Thomas Nguyen — Bug 1583142 - Remove third-party "persistent-storage" prompting support r=baku
90745d442c4b0885b14449065509484da5de9fe5ffxbld — No Bug, mozilla-central repo-update HSTS HPKP blocklist remote-settings - a=repo-update r=RyanVM
c69f5044d326e7ee7fabe9c0dd31449528e8299dRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 1593668 - Update pdf.js to version 2.4.107. r=bdahl
3734487ce1a341bd0b4786ca4854de276a2e8642Martin Stransky — Bug 1594729 [Wayland] Mark mozcontainer as moved at moz_container_get_wl_surface(), r=jhorak
e199d03ee334a1e2b81aec55c108e52d47ab59a9Jon Coppeard — Bug 1593270 - Take account of adjusted slice budget when recording how long over budget slices ran r=allstarschh