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Tue Oct 06 06:34:53 2015 +0000
29467b3d2124c963eb6646373839b5c5e4d48fc2Gerald Squelart — Bug 1156505 - p2: Null-check sampleTable before use. r=rillian
22384f4ad5e1ce0908c399ebabfb2931065b2063Gerald Squelart — Bug 1156505 - p1: Added test case file from bug. r=rillian
2f47017b463b4e89ecfb8de399b054ae28e818e4Jim Mathies Bug 1199892 - "Mouse cursor flickers in Flash object with wmode opaque/transparent". r=roc
ca240e275047843b4f2920f463fd436d2691ccd0Henry Chang — Bug 1186290 - Notify TabParent to switch process when loading a signed package. r=honzab, r=kanru.