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Thu Dec 10 23:08:27 2015 +0000
d518261eb3b17f3e6b11fdb6d55ec1b7d4b11901Ben Kelly — Bug 1226443 P5 Always use first scheduled update timer instead of rescheduling on new events. r=ehsan
a7def186c1d3f25cf8c8fb150487849af0a2b6aeBen Kelly — Bug 1226443 P4 Cleanup ServiceWorkerScriptCache objects when initialization fails. r=ehsan
e2f21ee1cd4cb118ec1c2794d48a2c1296c53ec2Ben Kelly — Bug 1226443 P3 Re-enable service worker update wpt tests. r=ehsan
8c4aff8bbfaff1a18e4b19bdf77edfd9a1600dffBen Kelly — Bug 1226443 P2 Make service worker fetch and functional events used scheduled timer updates. r=ehsan
4c85bf5e9bf52139410a9baa033e8f95380d9f1aBen Kelly — Bug 1226443 P1 Add a timer based mechanism for firing service worker updates. r=ehsan
8fbc71a2912a8b12b426ebc97ca49c738cd22749Ben Kelly — Bug 1227015 P8 Disable ServiceWorkerGlobalScope/update.https.html due to races. r=ehsan
00ac71165014d9f3fc30345bb70017e4c786d72dBen Kelly — Bug 1227015 P7 Supress unused ErrorResult exception if the worker runnable failed to dispatch. r=catalinb
e261f601b14d68defc1ccf81119ecc50ea5d1ea9Ben Kelly — Bug 1227015 P6 Abort updates if the script spec has changed. r=ehsan
78896c0bcb9506c6b5b2184539ebeb909d326bebBen Kelly — Bug 1227015 P5 Remove ServiceWorkerRegistrationInfo mScriptSpec. r=ehsan
244093d57c031d07b7d260f2c8b6c96552b13e9fBen Kelly — Bug 1227015 P4 Make register job always require an explicit script spec. r=ehsan
03abf4d48e38797557e47ead30b9cb84db75e208Ben Kelly — Bug 1227015 P3 Require a script spec on install jobs. r=ehsan
2090c1e309332bcd6db61f3323f2f75915a4dca5Ben Kelly — Bug 1227015 P2 Move mScriptSpec from registration job into script job base. r=ehsan
84e011be4e35292d7e378e17a36857395e63594cBen Kelly — Bug 1227015 P1 Create ServiceWorkerScriptJobBase as parent class to register and install jobs. r=ehsan