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Tue Aug 13 02:49:14 2013 +0000
62ad090a94a4ae76ca6aaff167b15028be0384b3Karl Tomlinson — b=815643 Implement HRTF panner processing based on Blink implementation r=ehsan
746b2ba6cf30b83029ea892fa506c754f728913dKarl Tomlinson — b=815643 Add Blink's HRTFPanner to the build r=ehsan
d92240f69c48e3db7d27e55d90e58d96a7fa2d72Karl Tomlinson — b=815643 Refactor DelayNodeEngine delay processing into a shareable class r=ehsan
7ab5c4babe56d9c00954d9f503b132afea499d26Karl Tomlinson — b=865241 don't join HRTFDatabaseLoader thread until it has finished r=ehsan
c19e2f326d156dfa40341a34c3454004bff0d006Karl Tomlinson — b=865241 make HRTFDatabaseLoader ref-counting thread-safe r=ehsan
316df2d96b2420f285f9698cd2bacc819d4c9e5aKarl Tomlinson — b=815643 Add Blink's HRTFDatabase and HRTFDatabaseLoader to the build r=ehsan
395fc5b9593cc2376f536012dc55e868c34164b5Karl Tomlinson — b=815643 Add Blink's HRTFElevation to the build r=ehsan
5a05c22150916a815d67df4ec9850f1bba83c977Karl Tomlinson — b=815643 Reduce convolver fft size for low sample rates r=ehsan
9b01d3f61a1bb50c16666203ff8c114b036f602aKarl Tomlinson — b=815643 Add code to interpret and resample impulse response data r=ehsan
c56ecdd125ecb0cb1f995786be8bfe934f775a48Karl Tomlinson — b=815643 Add HRTF impulse response data r=ehsan
c43863ae921862444a95cdaf271387c6923456c5Karl Tomlinson — b=815643 Use symmetry to halve the number of HRTF kernels calculated and cached r=ehsan
214033794f62382a72eacd6d58006c0313156cf0Karl Tomlinson — b=815643 Add Blink's HRTFKernel to the build r=ehsan
5fd2ef2d994797f52b6cc510f077c7565ec540faKarl Tomlinson — b=865241 always leave 20 samples of headroom when extracting group delay, removing the discontinuity at delay = 20 r=ehsan
729de18aacef823caea2635a9566eedc91f8c031Karl Tomlinson — b=815643 Add Blink's frequency interpolation and group delay methods from FFTFrame to FFTBlock r=ehsan
07e1d8379a30f1b3788625becaef972a9c623e59Karl Tomlinson — b=865241 don't try to compute a phase for group delay from the DC and nyquist components of the DFT r=ehsan
5ddd533fc54cba690c22235c67a70b66b45d2bc5Karl Tomlinson — b=815643 remove unused HRTF code r=ehsan
1e796e343ef843d890c2d58a0d52f2d09299631aKarl Tomlinson — b=815643 Import the HRTF panner implementation from Blink r=ehsan