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Wed Nov 16 21:47:37 2016 +0000
61f8a4084bbd9bdfda1d2d460f659c880a7deb13Kris Maglione — Bug 1317101 - Part 8c: Run plain mochitests in both parent-process and remote configurations. r=billm
a8cdc81cdcce558592d01d3cc6d0ee66269f1077Kris Maglione — Bug 1317101 - Part 8b: Run browser mochitests in both parent-process and remote configurations. r=billm
e06d269a5d4f35b608b5bc7f1c61e875f2322b45Kris Maglione — Bug 1317101 - Part 8a: Read defaults from ancestor manifests when processing test metadata. r=chmanchester
1e1bfb578dcd24433d43fb67cc1f75e87ba48d21Kris Maglione — Bug 1317101 - Part 7e: Load extension options pages in a remote browser. r=aswan
0f8144296a9d8e67a4f307491559a0051f95a9a7Kris Maglione — Bug 1317101 - Part 7d: Load moz-extension: URLs remotely based on a pref. r=billm
b7892d3fb0ca5268a252377ecbb44dfb1d289500Kris Maglione — Bug 1317101 - Part 7c: Run extension popups in a remote browser. r=aswan
039d63d5fef77d7b77c0a7f9724ec9e6347be09aKris Maglione — Bug 1317101 - Part 7b: Run remote extension background pages in a visible window for testing. r=billm
ef7e061b37bf1337c7832df01664adc1fd504adfKris Maglione — Bug 1317101 - Part 7a: Add a `remote` flag to run an extension out-of-process based on a preference. r=billm
af7b81d7a5cc8bef552e440da1b3dada47507fd5Kris Maglione — Bug 1317101 - Part 6: Remove or refactor code that prevents extensions from running in the child process. r=aswan
225ad2535585ff6ce38e1e9f8fe5371194a70658Kris Maglione — Bug 1317101 - Part 5: Simply remote view initialization code, and fix some inconsistent handling. r=billm
b0521588011d866ee6b2019ee71654768b9e7677Kris Maglione — Bug 1317101 - Part 4: Deduplicate the handling of context tab and window IDs, and handle <browser> nesting in tabs. r=aswan
07321664430ab3416a0aa3a29055012b5eb149c5Kris Maglione — Bug 1317101 - Part 3: Apply remote-browser binding to all remote="true" <browser>s. r=billm
47d283897283f33d3590ba5b946cc1e5eb5e44d3Kris Maglione — Bug 1317101 - Part 2: Listen for tab messages only on tabbrowser browsers. r=billm
ffc63be3557c3a9531591b28adff6feb0e88e3e3Kris Maglione — Bug 1317101 - Part 1: Allow about:addons to load remote <browser>s into its content docshell. r=billm