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Thu Jul 02 21:34:03 2015 +0000
1c9c72d93973039fa67fde1901af7abeff225653Ben Kelly — Bug 1167808 P4 Test that respondWith() for a browser load reads the body correctly. r=ehsan
9c94c759a0fb72e13ca17c73fcf79d27e25214b6Ben Kelly — Bug 1167808 P3 FetchEvent.respondWith() should use opaque response internal body. r=nsm
e8ac89eafb1dd37afe6660bad5e162acfd366c78Ben Kelly — Bug 1167808 P2 Block opaque response interception if pref is disabled. r=ehsan
48abf470ef5b50ab1e8d1229a866c29adf130622Ben Kelly — Bug 1167808 P1 Add dom.serviceWorkers.interception.opaque.enabled pref. r=ehsan