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Tue Jan 15 19:02:36 2013 +0000
b3a8618f901ca6cfb8f96ec4ef17bbd4504172c2Paul Adenot — Bug 829042 - Remove dead PlaybackRateChanged member. r=cpearce
1abf4c88f8f11aca2ea80c7a6856541c973a5aadPaul Adenot — Bug 793274 - Make sure to have enough frames pushed to the AudioStream before starting it. r=kinetik
34a9ef8f929d7a03224fbe273bd6408df86d4be0Paul Adenot — Bug 822933 - Properly check if a WebM file has cues. r=kinetik
4c1215cefbab344e96f0c1e7a64f0fea30bc1a4fPaul Adenot — Bug 826349 - Make video keep its muted state after seeking. r=kinetik
70bb7f775178512930a4a0c1bcff23c5739ab46ePaul Adenot — Bug 825325 - ImageContainer::NotifyPaintedImage is not called on android. r=nical
e9c8447fb197b53f078c1b886e45634908678a3ePaul Adenot — Bug 828713 - soundtouch_config.h checks the non-existing MOZ_SAMPLE_TYPE_S16LE symbol. r=ehsan
eb6ebf01eafee323254697c203d2690c8367df75Paul Adenot — Bug 828901 - Get the seek time as mBasePosition instead of the stream position in video-only stream when changing the playbackRate and seeking at the same time. r=kinetik
f1f3ef647920884fd5572c86349a0acfd7757188Paul Adenot — Bug 825329 - Update tests. r=kinetik
f9d7b5722d4f5717068c55c595b2441ac6e73684Paul Adenot — Bug 825329 - Fixed the getter for the playbackRate in AudioStream. r=kinetik
5add564d4546e24e49e3c0e8aebca9a4c7246f30Paul Adenot — Bug 819377 - Don't offset the clock by the start time of the video in AdvanceFrame, and set the media as playing earlier. r=kinetik
55e93d1fa9724afd3cfd806fd4d357574748fbacPaul Adenot — Bug 804875 - Tests. r=kinetik
f14639a3461e362013e51bfc07b3e94c09736074Paul Adenot — Bug 804875 - Reset media element when loading a new src. r=kinetik
23456fc210523338914d9395a443d771b60b3fbaPaul Adenot — Bug 814308 - MediaDecoder::SetDuration doesn't handle aDuration=inf correctly. r=kinetik