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Thu Dec 08 20:16:23 2011 +0000
fe8612e51e8a54c0fa996950383c7920989afe58Ed Morley — Bug 707512 - Abort Windows Pymake builds with a clearer error if MOZ_OBJDIR is an MSYS style path; r=ted
758a0ae33484d5c8c9086055524c15eece0440c8Ed Morley — Bug 643167 - js/src configure should build js-config with MAKE, not GMAKE (based on patch by Kyle Huey); r=ted
19d325115037d6d012e2fdb3281f09a1dca305adEd Morley — Bug 707593 - Clean up makefile generation in js/src configure; r=ted
c19c975a825af0dd3149695c6577b9c0bb7344aeEd Morley — Add embedding/tests/winEmbed/Makefile to xulrunner/ (no bug); rs=build