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Tue Oct 06 07:26:14 2015 +0000
eca3009f91f612b31127ea43c491e8ee885b1f97Mats Palmgren — Bug 1210877 - Make nsBidiPresUtils::RepositionFrame work also for box-decoration-break:clone. r=roc
133773490619a9b50c1704afb62404d0087a9eadNick Fitzgerald — Bug 121027 - Stop manually adding null entries to the profiler's JSON output; r=shu
8bbed05c1661a1e4c5936106612c8c713f7e0cd4Michael Madsen — Bug 1208124 - changed a check such that post data only depends on nsIUploadChannel and not nsIHttpChannel. r=bz
e0158ed8651778b35fc369b576c2ab14f2e17898Milan Sreckovic — Bug 1207258 - Give back the ability to run direct write without D2D, but only with a *force* preference. r=dvander