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Tue Mar 22 21:15:56 2016 +0000
131a296d48a96a30104572f6dd1c9cd078f4d4beJeff Walden — Bug 1253099. r=arai, r=efaust
5e251884f69f8e4ab1149d6ca7f9dc18b7414646Jeff Walden — Bug 1242810. r=jandem
928b0a26ff0f5468b3ffd8a4ff02c42d055c782cJeff Walden — Bug 1257979 - Use a GCHashSet for a hash in the JSON stringifying algorithm. r=sfink
16e429ad56969b36f7b7af0c2f1076771dba8652Jeff Walden — Bug 1257102 - Invoking a trap on a proxy, where the handler has null as the value of that trap, should fall back to operating on the target just like undefined would. r=evilpie