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Tue Jul 16 18:06:34 2013 +0000
703acacad625b5c528b19697c6f4c3c77dd5e771Norbert Lindenberg — Bug 853706 - Added new test case for formatting 0 with significant digits. r=jwalden
be7dfe6686b5d0131bbc1cd0dad3fcd6221b4f21Norbert Lindenberg — Bug 853706 - Enable previously failing conformance test. r=jwalden
107335e200360784dd5533df4bc7eed13fab9282Norbert Lindenberg — Bug 853706 - Backported fix for formatting 0 with significant digits from ICU, and add a warning about this backported fix to r=jwalden
99217132cccc252a5fda615e73e963623c5fedeaJeff Walden — Bug 894181 - Convert a bunch of SHAPE_* macros to inline functions to eliminate warnings, enhance debuggability. r=terrence
596bc4ba3038e21c6caaa62ec44cf5cd428c899bJeff Walden — Bug 894172 - Eliminate DO_NEXT_OP(len) in favor of an unadorned goto the label in question. This eliminates tautological |len == len| compares that clang+ccache warns about, and it eliminates the previous apparent possibility that any value could be passed to DO_NEXT_OP, when in fact only |len| (or a value equal to it) could be passed. r=terrence