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Wed Oct 29 15:05:53 2014 +0000
0f7fd7a22708cddd947c73b1de162eb1206fea7bBill McCloskey — Bug 641685 - Start plugins from the chrome process in e10s (r=bsmedberg)
a469d36c6b825de2b5f93490a7f4eeec57ac8f0fBill McCloskey — Bug 641685 - Make sure generated code for IPDL bridged includes all necessary forward decls (r=bsmedberg)
ee7994387e65177c8bac2c4541f4dd75d81bdcb7Bill McCloskey — Bug 1085710 - Stop trying to send nsIPluginTag over IPC (r=mconley)
55310850248c649cbfc0c101d998b2c3a0837e7dBill McCloskey — Bug 641685 - [e10s] Make setTestPluginEnabledState work in content processes (r=bsmedberg)
5e6215461462eeaed579a3742de2d225306e00f7Bill McCloskey — Bug 641685 - Make plugin object map a singleton in the plugin process (r=bsmedberg)