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Sun Jun 14 16:21:51 2015 +0000
0f75f079159c3399962f106d2d9e79380ba3779bKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1125325 - Follow-up to stop sending over bad values to the child process when a widget is not available. r=smaug
6b19e87c2d0ac69e4d068c2f513897d293005a55Daniel Holbert — Bug 1125325 followup: Add missing 'override' keyword to TabChild::GetInnerSize() and nsWindowRoot::AddBrowser(), RemoveBrowser(), EnumerateBrowsers(). rs=ehsan
824f596aadefb5ec0e958524c9337bc2923762a1David Parks — Bug 1125325 - Store TabParents with their WindowRoot. r=smaug
eec75d3d0344987dd38941ac23d4d7ac420d5ddbDavid Parks — Bug 1125325 - Make TabParent/TabChild UpdateDimensions messages aware of the display scale. r=kats