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Tue Jun 04 21:27:07 2013 +0000
5d6e363a7b4bc11cb41e2c44ef863bb414e8e50eJason Orendorff — Bug 872416, part 6 - Make jsobjinlines.h not include jsscriptinlines.h, eliminating the #include cycle jsscriptinlines.h -> vm/Shape-inl.h -> jsobjinlines.h -> jsscriptinlines.h. NOT REVIEWED YET.
0f50e301b1c4b33eebaf5a3b19ecffe31d6e004eJason Orendorff — Bug 872416, part 5b - Make objinlines.h not include vm/RegExpStatics-inl.h. r=luke. (Reviewed as "part 5".)
bcf7a837657c6c3180d06a02e7a6de05d4229091Jason Orendorff — Bug 872416, part 5a - Make vm/RegExpObject-inl.h and vm/RegExpStatic-inl.h not include each other, breaking an include cycle. r=luke. (Reviewed as "part 10", but changing the order of the patches made it easier to get the whole stack working in GCC.)
163d6fb6edd5821ddc3e5a5e92cc13a3db924fdeJason Orendorff — Bug 872416, part 4 - Make jsobjinlines.h not include builtin/Iterator-inl.h (since that includes jsobjinlines.h, making a cycle). r=luke.
5f70ad99154c366d664e5e273dd43b873ce225b9Jason Orendorff — Bug 872416, part 3 - Make frontend/BytecodeCompiler.h not include frontend/Parser.h. r=luke.
88b70ed16f45ba3267432b1eac96afc64ebbcacaJason Orendorff — Bug 872416, part 2b - Make jsanalyze.h not include jspocodeinlines.h. Factor out inlines into jsanalyzeinlines.h. r=luke. (This is only half of the patch reviewed as "part 2". The other half didn't work in GCC and is on hold.)
c2e714bcb50dad268b4aaf366774c3456807fe5bJason Orendorff — Bug 872416, part 2a - Factor out source notes into a new header file. Make jsopcodeinlines.h not include BytecodeEmitter.h. r=luke. (Reviewed as "part 11", but doing this first made it easier to get the whole stack working in GCC.)
8ed346e399fed7a2022bddae67057f14fa793607Jason Orendorff — Bug 872416, part 1 - Move js::frontend::LexicalLookup from a header into the only file that uses it. r=luke.
c7c358d0beecd4e17b56fa19f0199cba6d9353f8Jason Orendorff — Bug 879138 - Silence GCC warnings about inline functions used but not defined. r=njn.