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Wed Nov 02 12:53:44 2011 +0000
80af665378fd12062aa1438a584ff332f8beadddKyle Huey — Bug 698440: Implement IndexedDB optional version syntax. r=bent
572e4723a49653e5095e9319478c727404de5fa4Kyle Huey — Bug 697247: Part 2 - Rework IDB synchronization mechanisms. r=bent
a64b3abb31c4053aa4e79b3b6cf973f802f13fa7Kyle Huey — Bug 697247: Part 1 - Use atoms instead of hashes for database IDs. r=bent
631b19db4eb5a58084fc3153a46a968fcbf80dd6Kyle Huey — Merge m-c to m-i.
06292dba305205f823d4043be55f35988806fc1dKyle Huey — Merge m-i to m-c.
185e913a7061366831528d6160466385cb552c1cTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
23daeec7cfa23ea73a606b123ac108b02df077ceDave Camp — Bug 693887 - Implement a rule-centric view for the style inspector. r=robcee, r=dao
0c3d5e7ce23cab04d34fe68eb98d5d62f096ce14Paul ADENOT — Bug 675899 - HTML5 video player should show controls when video ends (if controls attribute is present). r=dolske
127fc739a43fb1e07c800e7c216e7efdcc3ada5dRob Campbell — merge
9f51745bdd6df902ccff9ba21f567245b7c56a9fRob Campbell — Bug 683873 - [highlighter] move the close button to the toolbar, test-fix; a=orange
75692b1af68f8cfb2f08bc7d53d666eac5976099Paul ADENOT — Bug 513758 - Pressing Pos1/End key while video is in ended state sets status to play. r=dolske
f5bc569a7c016d0dbae01ca1a53e827ebe72d2a6Cedric Vivier — Bug 698703 - Source Editor should display text with the user's preferred monospace font size; r=msucan
5b1c3d9c342bc048a1fb57a28cddcfcaee4ea865Paul Rouget — Bug 683873 - [highlighter] move the close button to the toolbar; r=dao
392fa68084a829e377dcb9fffd868078acbc324dDoug Turner — Bug 668194 - Geolocation times out and/or does not properly use wifi access points information (awful accuracy) r=mfinkle.
978002c0b0ad34190bfef375d6fb70be834a085dJosh Aas — Bug 562442: Plugin crash fix (parent process). r=jmathies