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Tue Feb 12 04:57:07 2013 +0000
0b32c50a1bec6cbd284fe14016738ce43696da83Robert O'Callahan — Bug 8203709. Handle failure to create a snapshot surface in GetImageDataArray. r=mattwoodrow
80df535bf5e627b8757b98346fcfa5bc1b12971dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 839378. Don't modify the page DOM from videocontrols. r=enndeakin
608f588cb3e97e478b39119c9a3eac24761e4113Robert O'Callahan — Bug 836990. Put fixed-pos items in the abs-pos list of the container whenever it doesn't have a fixed-pos list. It's simpler this way and handles all edge cases. r=bzbarsky