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Wed Feb 24 15:38:49 2016 +0000
ee07c6a974bccea9ccf6b3bdcf4874b79308b188Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1249673. Muted errors should be turned into NetworkError DOMExceptions when returning from importScripts on workers, instead of becoming NS_ERROR_FAILURE. r=baku
af4680dcbeb15fa3787454e17f7af24c7feaecdaBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1249652 part 3. Simplify way we handle canceling when ScriptLoaderRunnable::RunInternal fails by canceling things with its actual failure code, so we don't have to guess which failed loads are actual failures and which are just canceled via this mechanism. r=baku,khuey
09a878e63f05af0afd116f35d96d487bce554f51Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1249652 part 2. ScriptExecutorRunnable::WorkerRun should immediately move JS exceptions to its ErrorResult instead of allowing them to linger on the JSContext. r=baku,khuey
cfa41433ed01a8dba9572f1d86ab6213fd349324Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1249652 part 1. Add a method on ErrorResult to steal an exception, if any, from a JSContext. r=khuey