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Tue Mar 10 14:27:41 2015 +0000
9264aec18c621024190097d3b1542b5649c97a5dRobert Longson — Bug 1134561 - Use of the namespace when checking the tag name if HTMLPictureElement and HTMLSourceElement. r=jst
e25c3139edca5eaeb9b2b50d9e458771aca190f5Chuck Lee — Bug 1140261 - Fix compiler error comparison of unsigned expression >= 0 is always true. r=hchang
133524b43f9c7f79abd60624dd3dd1335b6308f5David Parks — Bug 1138669 - Remove key event from nsChildView crash log message. r=smichaud
2a019a588c26b3fdbdf7bb35e05d0cd1f70bfb69Thomas Baquet — Bug 1132078 - Remove useless null checks after allocating memory with |new| from xpcom/io. r=nfroyd
074a9461cafd2784ad9c9d8ec21085ad37515768Ethan Tseng — Bug 1117486 - [FFOS2.0][Woodduck] System crash by replaying the same RTSP clip several times. r=bechen