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Fri Sep 27 05:23:17 2013 +0000
808a8b288ef635d1f0837546dd9508bdc225c2f7Matthew Gregan — Bug 920870 - Normalize TimeRanges returned by HTMLMediaElement Seekable and Buffered. r=cpearce
473c72edc9ca5589bf416364fe0b50335b7161f1Matthew Gregan — Bug 920867 - Split VideoInfo into Video and Audio objects, then encapsulate in new MediaInfo object. r=cpearce
a98471699e919ec06e6f6d555e9e7608862fbc93Matthew Gregan — Bug 905513 - Annotate functions with virtual/MOZ_OVERRIDE and document use of SBR monitor.
1a134e410e123bd145fe8a6239ca50114282e8feMatthew Gregan — Bug 905513 - Don't clobber audio VideoInfo fields when accepting video configuration. r=doublec
935ab0a88dde1354384790b4c709c35bd1f7d0e9Matthew Gregan — Bug 905513 - Use pushPrefEnv instead of setBoolPref, and reenable test on Android. r=doublec
07179c6176b865a3c8a839d848e57f941bc761aaMatthew Gregan — Bug 905513 - Rework MediaSource/MediaElement integration and implement limited initial multiple-decoder support. r=doublec
ba062e4be8fd4c05051f20aa3e85ba8952a4a774Matthew Gregan — Bug 905513 - Fix typo in AsyncEventRunner and BufferDecoder. r=doublec
6837a1ce616b882f35998d4996d95b2c92023ecaMatthew Gregan — Bug 905513 - Remove MediaSource support from HostObjectProtocolHandler::NewChannel. r=khuey