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Mon Nov 14 23:46:46 2016 +0000
5f6b4c2d10f50bf346783998ddfe6e3e34897503Jeff Walden — Bug 1296814 - Specify an explicit offset when reporting an error for a for-of loop whose target is an expression that begins with 'let'. r=arai
0ff9398b03d6dc35ad991a004de184ba5b1afe4cJeff Walden — Bug 1296814 - Simplify checking of the left-hand side of assignment and compound assignment expressions. r=anba
06a39a03a254e58b91b96b567851565fb007d1d6Jeff Walden — Bug 1296814 - Remove for-in/of loop parsing code that redundantly marks the loop target as assigned -- Parser::forHeadStart already does this. r=anba
3bce123564a38dc594fe15d0ad73cee2aa3a5cfbJeff Walden — Bug 1296814 - Report some errors about invalid left-hand-sides in for-in/of loop heads using much-simpler code with an explicitly computed offset. r=anba
4ea1d15d3f868dddc620e6eee355e338e46e5948Jeff Walden — Bug 1296814 - Report the error for uninitialized const-declaration in for(;;) loop head using an explicit offset. r=anba
aaee337ec6467468be549b20e6ee617acb2810f1Jeff Walden — Bug 1296814 - Introduce Parser::warningAt for warnings at specified offsets. r=arai
4352d5b580d3bb0679a30280a73c63d3ae8c8268Jeff Walden — Bug 1296814 - Report for-loop-decl-with-initializer errors using a specified offset instead of a node's offset. r=arai
8035dbcdb2c3a3457dfbdb75752dbc67f4e54303Jeff Walden — Bug 1296814 - Report bad-class-member errors using a specified offset instead of a node's offset. r=arai
a09a93a0b5a9a3218fb621ee44f6cba5d1f5367eJeff Walden — Bug 1296814 - Remove Parser::reportBadReturn and report simpler errors that don't use the offset of a node as location. r=arai
9ec9d6149b5e8bc091775e67aa921738f0b5624aJeff Walden — Bug 1296814 - Introduce Parser::errorAt to reduce reporting an error at a particular offset to its bare essentials. r=anba
4b4b6a642aeb2c5d6c8098e6c49d6d44ec550afbJeff Walden — Bug 1296814 - Inline Parser::checkFunctionDefinition into its sole caller. r=anba
2f6b90c78c4b43dfea9db1895eeb90fa6cfc3d26Jeff Walden — Bug 1296814 - Inline GeneratorKindFromPropertyType and AsyncKindFromPropertyType into their sole caller. r=me as trivial, and/or as response to review comment on previous patch
5908c363b5eeee05431335319b972c1c8e625360Jeff Walden — Bug 1296814 - Move the Parser::checkFunctionDefinition call, out of Parser::functionDefinition, into its few Statement-related callers. r=anba
d2ee58a58aa76762f06903a48c505370776ca913Jeff Walden — Bug 1296814 - Move a little bit of Parser::functionDefinition into callers. r=anba
c770f757dbc645e8a300406d5a9f4021a61ba958Jeff Walden — Bug 1296814 - Move FunctionDeclaration-as-consequent/alternative handling out of Parser::functionStmt into Parser::consequentOrAlternative. r=anba
7b5162f3e8c63ccf2f9055f7b88f75c3a4ce4e91Jeff Walden — Bug 1296814 - Track strict mode errors in |for (var i = ... in ...)| correctly when syntax-parsing. r=anba
8b0b80ff460db6ed24d62b7b1606b37ddb693e69Jeff Walden — Bug 1296814 - Track strict mode errors in unary deletions correctly when syntax-parsing. r=anba
f26d1552f8a13649cb941c84508be4743c3344a7Jeff Walden — Bug 1296814 - Specify an explicit offset when warning about "use asm" found in the directive prologue of a script (rather than a function body). r=anba
ae58d7e8cbf02abdd49b6442fad2fe2b547f4ff5Jeff Walden — Bug 1296814 - Introduce Parser::error(unsigned errorNumber, ...) to reduce reporting errors at the current offset to its bare essentials. r=arai
a6329e0a6f9696d5e95ac7f50009de5d47d4e538Jeff Walden — Bug 1296814 - Introduce Parser::warning. r=anba
1404e070a44c8fb5e7723daa12aea5c39502191cJeff Walden — Bug 1296814 - Introduce Parser::extraWarning. r=anba
6b8ade7340f10009de27b114534b610b604eac97Jeff Walden — Bug 1296814 - Remove the |bool strict| argument from the report-at-current-offset Parser function. r=arai
fe83ace68894432dce383f5ecb996dbfbf6b3a76Jeff Walden — Bug 1296814 - Split out Parser::strictError for the two calls that don't pass |bool strict = false|, so that |bool strict| can be removed from the current signature. r=arai
645e9d747ed96fdfe93e1db6acd7f71b9fb11369Jeff Walden — Bug 1296814 - Split Parser::report into Parser::zeport (a temporary name) that uses the current offset, and Parser::reportWithNode that derives it from a Node. r=arai
fa42c1f05ae9456d6c1a582632e96d2a335fedf0Jeff Walden — Bug 1296814 - When |continue x| is found outside of a loop, report an error that points at |continue|, not at |x|. r=arai
da5874a0aa949afc15903df8b9353e5bf0997f10Jeff Walden — Bug 1296814 - Don't use ParseHandler::getPosition in a FullParseHandler-specialized function -- just use pn_pos directly. r=anba
5d3620a96d8e59af80fae254b1f255e58b36727aJeff Walden — Bug 1296814 - Give correct position information to prototype mutation when syntax-parsing. r=arai
2d72c9a1dfd64c0c04942fd08c445bf80aaa37a3Jeff Walden — Bug 1296814 - Give correct position information to pending errors during potential destructuring patterns. r=arai
560587c09cb384c1da8ce6d64b9b8f1fc54ef901Jeff Walden — Bug 1296814 - Implement TokenStream::peekOffset for cases where peekTokenPos was used only to get an offset. r=anba
2b7949845f17006984f522d86d882ac773b959b8Kausam — Bug 1310045 - When a non-property-name token is observed instead of a property name in an object/class literal or destructuring pattern, indicate the unexpected token the way most unexpected tokens are indicated using JSMSG_UNEXPECTED_TOKEN. r=jwalden
862b57ae9f3839a253bec11bab867415ccd9b5a0Jeff Walden — Bug 1315815 - Don't treat async or await as a keyword when they contain escapes. r=anba
1d430f4a563b90e12abc9145a1b95238bee6e9f4Jeff Walden — Bug 1305566 - Add testing of names in the destructuring context to the main reserved-word/keyword test. r=test