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Mon Nov 21 16:56:51 2011 +0000
069e4da44a5f8a5cbcec5fb1f82d62e8e0c412d1Justin Wood — Bug 642243 followup - make sure we can use BinScope on other apps, not just Firefox. r=khuey over IRC
75404dfd5ba5167bc968ae78f5adecbcf6611b00Justin Wood — Merge m-c and m-i
9276e3274f18d69c840df1fa44f8b5b32d0e567aMatt Brubeck — Merge last green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
78cd6a30e25063fc7d7bf3ec8c23975fc46112ccKyle Huey — Bug 703028: Fix obnoxious warning spew from gfx 2d stuff. r=me
763d63759721547520fbd9b9b5216a2a34b3df00Kyle Huey — Bug 692627: Support complex keyPaths in IndexedDB. r=bent,jorendorff
2b75bcc4fec5ce5bf8a3f5dd45da281eaf7093f2Rob Campbell — merge fx-team to m-c
60ecd909a6c20b119196f17f9623317eb079989eMike Hommey — Bug 703633 - TreePanel.jsm uses a resource:/// url that ought to be resource://gre/; r=rcampbell
85f5dc707f6c85377b4e6a3f494b9adcb9fbcf51Paul Rouget — Bug 703237 - Figure out why browser_inspector_highlighter.js and browser_inspector_iframeTest.js fail when the style of the highlighter toolbar change; r=rcampbell
80c73e6f5a330b8f6df6cacd754f1ba5e7994217Joe Walker — Bug 701762 - DOMTemplate fails when returns undefined; r=dcamp
d579e1c6afa9abed956ea920ae72a1ce3cd15acaJoe Walker — Bug 700616 - Clicking on a command in the top level GCLI menu does not work; r=dcamp
68099fdd4cd154e7da50e82cdaba0d91e4a8248aJoe Walker — Bug 697140 - GCLI creates nodes in the wrong namespace; r=dcamp
0b44926dd34a76ccba6b5a58d5e19b1f419dd2dcJoe Walker — Bug 701664 - GCLI build should use the latest dryice build; r=dcamp
9049e597d6ba7a30b252cb7095077e94673af04fJoe Walker — Bug 699411 - GCLI should use a sensible naming convention for its class names; r=dcamp,dao
c9ef187ce6bdf7eb1f27ffd62808c646df7b87d4Joe Walker — Bug 692742 - GCLI popup dialogs sometimes have scrollbars; f=paul; r=dcamp,dao
677c4e284a9d614c08e7470f94db7bf63f9a127dBlair McBride — merge mozilla-central to fx-team