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Wed Oct 19 19:01:55 2016 +0000
e6f320965d24073a97365a948a87240b640e9762Neil Deakin — Bug 1301673, convert the image width and height to device pixels so that custom drag images are drawn at the right size, r=tn
a8fd4f51596a460a2a5969329ac5d83eb86fb835Neil Deakin — Bug 1301673, properly handle disabled drag feedback image and failed drag feedbacks in content processes, r=tn
4afa256ec14fc12798346eaf423ecc02c7135020Neil Deakin — Bug 1301673, use the correct coordinates when drag feedback is disabled or fails; this allows the drag feedback on Mac to appear as a grey rectangle, r=tn
4c5656f3e0707a4ef8f885310dad4964a0f2c11cNeil Deakin — Bug 1301673, use css pixels for the drag region, add each rectangle to the clip region so that tree drag feedback in drawn properly, r=tn
20162ef28859450116f183a6922a6d8c63b68780Neil Deakin — Bug 1301673, use device pixels for the supplied drag position and the computed dragrectangle, r=tn
05f152da0f3fe524d81001785eaf5f30fc3c5951Neil Deakin — Bug 1301673, don't confuse different coordinate types in image offsets, r=tn
0bef53dbf128cb0571c59cde502538f0a40d7587Neil Deakin — Bug 1301673, use more specific coordinates for screen position in drag calculations, r=tn