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Wed Mar 06 20:45:57 2019 +0000
fe3cd9f0d12bae82190bd17ea474d1a2f4bb80a2Dave Townsend — Bug 1518639: Implement windows remoting server and client. r=jimm
61ed2a0798487c50c5faf70241aa637d01da6b10Dave Townsend — Bug 513742: Remove support for DDE from toolkit. r=jimm
fbef638149b4426032f58903a9abf480341a3ff8Dave Townsend — Bug 1518639: Add boilerplate support for a windows remote client and server. r=jimm,froydnj
678a6db4372ec4dad41a13311fd50871ff505909Dave Townsend — Bug 1518639: Remote unused mProfileName member. r=froydnj
30cd61daa60513ca4c31cd466ad6868fb7859317Dave Townsend — Bug 1518639: Move remote client call to after we have a profile. r=jimm
03c9381974486d342d41f010a60eb436b546ec7aDave Townsend — Bug 1518639: Move command line handing to nsRemoteService. r=jimm
b9d78d81a381350aa548ce7d6b640b93d57ebb7cDave Townsend — Bug 1518639: Move startup locking to the remote service. r=jimm
34d973f8ea5b4acb22e4ad2a0ced65c2583f6397Dave Townsend — Bug 1518639: Move the calls to the remote clients into nsRemoteService. r=jimm
2ac2c7a2a9a61bb33802721ff73163a1403f3c54Dave Townsend — Bug 1518639: Move widget/xremote code to toolkit/components/remote. r=jimm
d1f158c2928f02fe725038bdda99b13c4366bc6cDave Townsend — Bug 1518639: Break out the remote server pieces from nsRemoteService and deCOMtaminate. r=jimm
940349bea8e88038b8f3727ea225b6ad9aa2bbd2Dave Townsend — Bug 1518639: Remove the ability to remote to a different user or application. r=jimm