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Tue Mar 13 08:50:40 2012 +0000
35fb1400f0f7ab7fffaaf7836f6f38639aaa872dMike Hommey — Bug 734832 - Forcibly export a __dso_handle symbol from on android. r=blassey
28920721ac6d41674158819e029bcbb8e4395f04Mike Hommey — Bug 734812 - Make the linker error out when text relocations are defined with DF_TEXTREL. r=nfroyd
5168ba8c86f0ac4f6b4f15f981bc7ae770236bdaMike Hommey — Bug 734335 - Only build SPS on supported platforms. r=bgirard,r=khuey
ad62dcabf6969355343034d3003546436ed0023eMike Hommey — Bug 734237 - Make elfhack skip ELF files that aren't shared objects. r=tglek
66fc6fa2c34795027621dead4c5aa7350dbb1acdMike Hommey — Bug 734046 - Don't export __aeabi_* symbols from on ARM. r=ted
03394bda1d0f23ceaf65b6162a1fac9ea0442609Mike Hommey — Bug 733773 - Reset default values for thumb, float-abi, etc. when --with-arch is specified. r=ted
bd9a2f904e1f20b3972c61b2c1d57fc7472f29b4Mike Hommey — Bug 716544 - Enable warnings as errors on mobile. r=khuey
7b590e1e392cc2ac40682a65124a8e3fb2bc77abMike Hommey — Bug 716544 - Fix comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions in nsStringAPI.h. r=dbaron
f5171db26f48e6cd28cb2ea7192e97bdeb7c64adMike Hommey — Bug 716544 - Avoid unexpectedly including toolkit/crashreporter/google-breakpad/src/common/memory.h. r=ted
8f0164c90145889f195fa1687e887c69ed9a129cMike Hommey — Bug 716544 - Include assert.h from logging.h. r=cjones
923a278f7ad511721498ea640b467c86ebf81377Mike Hommey — Bug 716544 - Only define android bionic headers as system headers, and only use stlport includes when compiling C++. r=khuey