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Sat Jul 16 03:15:24 2016 +0000
ed38780a242cb738c331a9abaf63b94ae325d325Boris Zbarsky — Bug 933378 part 4. Change the ErrorResult destructor to suppress the exception, after asserting that it's already suppressed. r=bkelly
b33a9a88daa6663ffbfa84ce5478ddcce898f3d9Boris Zbarsky — Bug 933378 part 3. Fix the ErrorResult usage in PeerConnectionImpl to not use ErrorResult directly anymore. r=jib
1c2bd3bdebd6999903d931a22c3ae42120baf5f2Boris Zbarsky — Bug 933378 part 2. Introduce a FastErrorResult class that bindings can use internally instead of ErrorResult. r=bkelly
dd2d38b7c16bee235f273a04626a9cbdb040d228Boris Zbarsky — Bug 933378 part 1. Introduce a TErrorResult class that will serve as a base class for various ErrorResult-like subclasses. No actual behavior changes so far. r=bkelly
03362dd7616d404ea77da256bf5a7245163cc9c9Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1224664 - Assert if an ErrorResult is accessed on a thread different than the one it's created on, r=khuey
cf2bb72412a04c4c67aac4b42762464d86fab642Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1286955. Don't use an ErrorResult on multiple threads in the Worker URL implementation. r=bzbarsky