created 2009-07-20 21:04 +0100
pushed unknown
Neil Rashbrook Neil Rashbrook - Bug 504660 Make sEmptyBuffer non-const so EnsureMutable can safely use it for an empty string r=bsmedberg
created 2008-03-06 15:03 -0800
pushed unknown
dbaron dbaron - Fix -Wconversion warnings that prevent compiling netwerk/cookie/src/ (which makes warnings fatal) with gcc 4.3 on x86_64. b=409384 r=bsmedberg a=beltzner
created 2008-02-26 14:44 -0800
pushed unknown
benjamin benjamin - Bug 409384 - Firefox 3.0b2 fauks to compile with gcc 4.3, r=dwitte+dbaron a=damons
created 2008-01-03 16:07 -0800
pushed unknown
dwitte dwitte - update copy_string() to the single-fragment string world, and optimize write() to not return a value. b=282083, r+sr=jst, a=schrep
created 2007-12-31 07:15 -0800
pushed unknown
benjamin benjamin - Bug 396052 - Firefox fails to start when run from a directory with non-native characters, r=luser sr=neil
created 2007-07-08 00:08 -0700
pushed unknown
jwalden jwalden - Bug 348748 - Replace all instances of NS_STATIC_CAST and friends with C++ casts (and simultaneously bitrot nearly every patch in existence). r=bsmedberg on the script that did this. Tune in next time for Macro Wars: Episode II: Attack on the LL_* Macros.
created 2007-03-22 10:30 -0700
pushed unknown
hg hg - Free the (distributed) Lizard! Automatic merge from CVS: Module mozilla: tag HG_REPO_INITIAL_IMPORT at 22 Mar 2007 10:30 PDT,
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