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Bug 1553971 - Skip crashtest 1545177.html on Android. r=jmaher Reviewers: jmaher Reviewed By: jmaher Subscribers: emilio Bug #: 1553971 Differential Revision:

# Version of this schema
schema: 1

  # Bugzilla product and component for this directory and subdirectories
  product: "Core"
  component: "Audio/Video: cubeb"

# The source from this directory was copied from the cubeb
# git repository using the script.  The only changes
# made were those applied by and the addition of
# build files for the Mozilla build system.S

  name: "cubeb"
  description: "Cross platform audio library"

  url: ""
  license: "ISC"

  # will update this value
  release: "0b5b52d371598bfe6bee2385c2d74c8901791e92 (2019-07-19 13:45:46 +1200)"