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Bug 1579189 - raise the minimum clang version to 5; r=#build We need this for "full" C++17 support (everything is supported, but some C++17 features still have bugs) and this change also brings Linux into parity with our Mac requirements. MANUAL PUSH: build toolchains on inbound to avoid clogging autoland Differential Revision:

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface imgIRequest;

[scriptable, uuid(10be55b3-2029-41a7-a975-538efed250ed)]
interface imgIScriptedNotificationObserver : nsISupports
  void sizeAvailable(in imgIRequest aRequest);
  void frameUpdate(in imgIRequest aRequest);
  void frameComplete(in imgIRequest aRequest);
  void loadComplete(in imgIRequest aRequest);
  void decodeComplete(in imgIRequest aRequest);
  void discard(in imgIRequest aRequest);
  void isAnimated(in imgIRequest aRequest);
  void hasTransparency(in imgIRequest aRequest);