author Jeff Walden <>
Tue, 19 Nov 2019 04:55:39 +0000
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Bug 1596544 - intl_ValidateAndCanonicalizeUnicodeExtensionType should ignore the second |option| argument until it's needed to report an error. r=anba Differential Revision:

default-preferences  pref(media.peerconnection.enabled,true) pref(media.navigator.permission.disabled,true) pref(dom.disable_open_during_load,false) pref(media.devices.insecure.enabled,true) pref(media.getusermedia.insecure.enabled,true)

load 780790.html
load 791270.html
load 791278.html
load 791330.html
load 799419.html
load 802982.html
load 812785.html
load 834100.html
load 836349.html
load 837324.html
load 855796.html
load 860143.html
load 861958.html
load 863929.html
skip-if(verify&&gtkWidget) skip-if(OSX) load 1185191.html
load 1281695.html
load 1306476.html
load 1348381.html
load 1367930_1.html
load 1367930_2.html
asserts-if(Android,0-1) pref(,2) load 1429507_1.html # in tab doesn't work for crashtest in e10s, this opens a new window instead
asserts-if(Android,0-1) pref(,2) load 1429507_2.html # in tab doesn't work for crashtest in e10s, this opens a new window instead
asserts-if(Android,0-2) load 1453030.html
load 1468451.html
skip-if(Android) load 1490700.html # No screenshare on Android
load 1505957.html
load 1509442.html
load 1511130.html
load 1510848.html
load 1516292.html
skip-if(Android) pref(media.getusermedia.browser.enabled,true) load 1560207.html # No tabshare on Android
load 1576938.html
skip-if(Android) pref(media.getusermedia.audiocapture.enabled,true) load 1573536.html
skip-if(!Android) pref(media.getusermedia.audiocapture.enabled,true) pref(media.navigator.permission.device,false) load 1573536.html # media.navigator.permission.device is mobile-only, so other platforms fail to set it (Bug 1350948)
load 1594136.html