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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIURI;

 * nsISHistoryListener defines the interface one can implement to receive
 * notifications about activities in session history and (for reloads) to be
 * able to cancel them.
 * A session history listener will be notified when pages are added, removed
 * and loaded from session history. In the case of reloads, it can prevent them
 * from happening by returning false from the corresponding callback method.
 * A session history listener can be registered on a particular nsISHistory
 * instance via the nsISHistory::addSHistoryListener() method.
 * Listener methods should not alter the session history. Things are likely to
 * go haywire if they do.
[scriptable, uuid(125c0833-746a-400e-9b89-d2d18545c08a)]
interface nsISHistoryListener : nsISupports
   * Called when a new document is added to session history. New documents are
   * added to session history by docshell when new pages are loaded in a frame
   * or content area, for example via nsIWebNavigation::loadURI()
   * @param aNewURI     The URI of the document to be added to session history.
   * @param aOldIndex   The index of the current history item before the
   *                    operation.
  void OnHistoryNewEntry(in nsIURI aNewURI, in long aOldIndex);

   * Called before the current document is reloaded, for example due to a
   * nsIWebNavigation::reload() call.
  boolean OnHistoryReload();

   * Called before navigating to a session history entry by index, for example,
   * when nsIWebNavigation::gotoIndex() is called.
  void OnHistoryGotoIndex();

   * Called before entries are removed from session history. Entries can be
   * removed from session history for various reasons, for example to control
   * the memory usage of the browser, to prevent users from loading documents
   * from history, to erase evidence of prior page loads, etc.
   * To purge documents from session history call nsISHistory::PurgeHistory().
  void OnHistoryPurge();

   * Called before an entry is replaced in the session history. Entries are
   * replaced when navigating away from non-persistent history entries (such as
   * about pages) and when history.replaceState is called.
  void OnHistoryReplaceEntry();

   * Called whenever a content viewer is evicted. A content viewer is evicted
   * whenever a bfcache entry has timed out or the number of total content
   * viewers has exceeded the global max. This is used for testing only.
   * @param aNumEvicted - number of content viewers evicted
  void OnContentViewerEvicted(in unsigned long aNumEvicted);