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Bug 1596544 - intl_ValidateAndCanonicalizeUnicodeExtensionType should ignore the second |option| argument until it's needed to report an error. r=anba Differential Revision:

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#ifndef mozilla_dom_SHistoryParent_h
#define mozilla_dom_SHistoryParent_h

#include "mozilla/dom/CanonicalBrowsingContext.h"
#include "mozilla/dom/PSHistoryParent.h"
#include "mozilla/RefPtr.h"
#include "nsSHistory.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace dom {

class SHistoryParent;

 * Session history implementation based on the legacy implementation that used
 * to live in the child process. Ideally this wouldn't implement nsISHistory
 * (it should only ever be accessed by SHistoryParent).
class LegacySHistory final : public nsSHistory {
  friend class SHistoryParent;
  virtual ~LegacySHistory() {}

  void EvictOutOfRangeWindowContentViewers(int32_t aIndex) override;

  SHistoryParent* mSHistoryParent;

  LegacySHistory(SHistoryParent* aSHistoryParent,
                 CanonicalBrowsingContext* aRootBC, const nsID& aDocShellID);

  NS_IMETHOD CreateEntry(nsISHEntry** aEntry) override;

  SHistoryParent* GetActor() { return mSHistoryParent; }

 * Session history actor for the parent process. Forwards to the legacy
 * implementation that used to live in the child process (see LegacySHistory).
class SHistoryParent final : public PSHistoryParent {
  friend class LegacySHistory;
  friend class PSHistoryParent;
  friend class SHEntryParent;

  explicit SHistoryParent(CanonicalBrowsingContext* aContext);
  virtual ~SHistoryParent();

  static SHEntryParent* CreateEntry(PContentParent* aContentParent,
                                    PSHistoryParent* aSHistoryParent,
                                    const PSHEntryOrSharedID& aEntryOrSharedID);

  void ActorDestroy(ActorDestroyReason aWhy) override;

  bool RecvGetCount(int32_t* aCount);
  bool RecvGetIndex(int32_t* aIndex);
  bool RecvSetIndex(int32_t aIndex, nsresult* aResult);
  bool RecvGetRequestedIndex(int32_t* aIndex);
  bool RecvInternalSetRequestedIndex(int32_t aIndex);
  bool RecvGetEntryAtIndex(int32_t aIndex, nsresult* aResult,
                           RefPtr<CrossProcessSHEntry>* aEntry);
  bool RecvPurgeHistory(int32_t aNumEntries, nsresult* aResult);
  bool RecvReloadCurrentEntry(LoadSHEntryResult* aLoadResult);
  bool RecvGotoIndex(int32_t aIndex, LoadSHEntryResult* aLoadResult);
  bool RecvGetIndexOfEntry(PSHEntryParent* aEntry, int32_t* aIndex);
  bool RecvAddEntry(PSHEntryParent* aEntry, bool aPersist, nsresult* aResult,
                    int32_t* aEntriesPurged);
  bool RecvUpdateIndex();
  bool RecvReplaceEntry(int32_t aIndex, PSHEntryParent* aEntry,
                        nsresult* aResult);
  bool RecvNotifyOnHistoryReload(bool* aOk);
  bool RecvEvictOutOfRangeContentViewers(int32_t aIndex);
  bool RecvEvictAllContentViewers();
  bool RecvRemoveDynEntries(int32_t aIndex, PSHEntryParent* aEntry);
  bool RecvRemoveEntries(nsTArray<nsID>&& ids, int32_t aIndex,
                         bool* aDidRemove);
  bool RecvRemoveFrameEntries(PSHEntryParent* aEntry);
  bool RecvReload(const uint32_t& aReloadFlags, LoadSHEntryResult* aLoadResult);
  bool RecvGetAllEntries(nsTArray<RefPtr<CrossProcessSHEntry>>* aEntries);
  bool RecvFindEntryForBFCache(const uint64_t& aSharedID,
                               const bool& aIncludeCurrentEntry,
                               RefPtr<CrossProcessSHEntry>* aEntry,
                               int32_t* aIndex);
  bool RecvEvict(nsTArray<PSHEntryParent*>&& aEntries);
  bool RecvEnsureCorrectEntryAtCurrIndex(PSHEntryParent* aEntry);
  bool RecvEvictContentViewersOrReplaceEntry(PSHEntryParent* aNewSHEntry,
                                             bool aReplace);
  bool RecvNotifyListenersContentViewerEvicted(uint32_t aNumEvicted);

  RefPtr<LegacySHistory> mHistory;

}  // namespace dom
}  // namespace mozilla

#endif /* mozilla_dom_SHistoryParent_h */