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Mon, 26 Mar 2018 11:51:21 -0400
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Bug 1448533 - Honour the 'test.format' machrc config setting in |mach xpcshell-test|, r=gbrown Since |mach xpcshell-test| was already defaulting to the 'mach' format, this will be a no-op for most people. For anyone who had: [test] format=tbpl in their machrc file, this will start working for xpcshell tests. MozReview-Commit-ID: LwIlh0lefN6

# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/.

# Integrates the xpcshell test runner with mach.

from __future__ import absolute_import, unicode_literals, print_function

import errno
import os
import sys

from mozlog import structured

from mozbuild.base import (
    MachCommandConditions as conditions,

from mach.decorators import (

from multiprocessing import cpu_count
from xpcshellcommandline import parser_desktop, parser_remote

here = os.path.abspath(os.path.dirname(__file__))

if sys.version_info[0] < 3:
    unicode_type = unicode
    unicode_type = str

# This should probably be consolidated with similar classes in other test
# runners.
class InvalidTestPathError(Exception):
    """Exception raised when the test path is not valid."""

class XPCShellRunner(MozbuildObject):
    """Run xpcshell tests."""
    def run_suite(self, **kwargs):
        return self._run_xpcshell_harness(**kwargs)

    def run_test(self, **kwargs):
        """Runs an individual xpcshell test."""

        # TODO Bug 794506 remove once mach integrates with virtualenv.
        build_path = os.path.join(self.topobjdir, 'build')
        if build_path not in sys.path:

        src_build_path = os.path.join(self.topsrcdir, 'mozilla', 'build')
        if os.path.isdir(src_build_path):

        return self.run_suite(**kwargs)

    def _run_xpcshell_harness(self, **kwargs):
        # Obtain a reference to the xpcshell test runner.
        import runxpcshelltests

        log = kwargs.pop("log")

        xpcshell = runxpcshelltests.XPCShellTests(log=log)

        tests_dir = os.path.join(self.topobjdir, '_tests', 'xpcshell')
        # We want output from the test to be written immediately if we are only
        # running a single test.
        single_test = (len(kwargs["testPaths"]) == 1 and
                       os.path.isfile(kwargs["testPaths"][0]) or
                       kwargs["manifest"] and
                       (len(kwargs["manifest"].test_paths()) == 1))

        if single_test:
            kwargs["verbose"] = True

        if kwargs["xpcshell"] is None:
            kwargs["xpcshell"] = self.get_binary_path('xpcshell')

        if kwargs["mozInfo"] is None:
            kwargs["mozInfo"] = os.path.join(self.topobjdir, 'mozinfo.json')

        if kwargs["symbolsPath"] is None:
            kwargs["symbolsPath"] = os.path.join(self.distdir, 'crashreporter-symbols')

        if kwargs["logfiles"] is None:
            kwargs["logfiles"] = False

        if kwargs["profileName"] is None:
            kwargs["profileName"] = "firefox"

        if kwargs["pluginsPath"] is None:
            kwargs['pluginsPath'] = os.path.join(self.distdir, 'plugins')

        if kwargs["testingModulesDir"] is None:
            kwargs["testingModulesDir"] = os.path.join(self.topobjdir, '_tests/modules')

        if kwargs["utility_path"] is None:
            kwargs['utility_path'] = self.bindir

        if kwargs["manifest"] is None:
            kwargs["manifest"] = os.path.join(tests_dir, "xpcshell.ini")

        if kwargs["failure_manifest"] is None:
            kwargs["failure_manifest"] = os.path.join(self.statedir, 'xpcshell.failures.ini')

        # Use the object directory for the temp directory to minimize the chance
        # of file scanning. The overhead from e.g. search indexers and anti-virus
        # scanners like Windows Defender can add tons of overhead to test execution.
        # We encourage people to disable these things in the object directory.
        temp_dir = os.path.join(self.topobjdir, 'temp')
        except OSError as e:
            if e.errno != errno.EEXIST:
        kwargs['tempDir'] = temp_dir

        # Python through 2.7.2 has issues with unicode in some of the
        # arguments. Work around that.
        filtered_args = {}
        for k, v in kwargs.iteritems():
            if isinstance(v, unicode_type):
                v = v.encode('utf-8')

            if isinstance(k, unicode_type):
                k = k.encode('utf-8')

            filtered_args[k] = v

        result = xpcshell.runTests(filtered_args)


        if not result and not xpcshell.sequential:
            print("Tests were run in parallel. Try running with --sequential "
                  "to make sure the failures were not caused by this.")
        return int(not result)

class AndroidXPCShellRunner(MozbuildObject):
    """Run Android xpcshell tests."""
    def run_test(self, **kwargs):
        # TODO Bug 794506 remove once mach integrates with virtualenv.
        build_path = os.path.join(self.topobjdir, 'build')
        if build_path not in sys.path:

        import remotexpcshelltests

        log = kwargs.pop("log")

        if kwargs["xpcshell"] is None:
            kwargs["xpcshell"] = "xpcshell"

        if not kwargs["objdir"]:
            kwargs["objdir"] = self.topobjdir

        if not kwargs["localLib"]:
            kwargs["localLib"] = os.path.join(self.topobjdir, 'dist/fennec')

        if not kwargs["localBin"]:
            kwargs["localBin"] = os.path.join(self.topobjdir, 'dist/bin')

        if not kwargs["testingModulesDir"]:
            kwargs["testingModulesDir"] = os.path.join(self.topobjdir, '_tests/modules')

        if not kwargs["mozInfo"]:
            kwargs["mozInfo"] = os.path.join(self.topobjdir, 'mozinfo.json')

        if not kwargs["manifest"]:
            kwargs["manifest"] = os.path.join(self.topobjdir, '_tests/xpcshell/xpcshell.ini')

        if not kwargs["symbolsPath"]:
            kwargs["symbolsPath"] = os.path.join(self.distdir, 'crashreporter-symbols')

        if not kwargs["localAPK"]:
            for file_name in os.listdir(os.path.join(kwargs["objdir"], "dist")):
                if file_name.endswith(".apk") and file_name.startswith("fennec"):
                    kwargs["localAPK"] = os.path.join(kwargs["objdir"], "dist", file_name)
                    print ("using APK: %s" % kwargs["localAPK"])
                raise Exception("APK not found in objdir. You must specify an APK.")

        if not kwargs["sequential"]:
            kwargs["sequential"] = True

        xpcshell = remotexpcshelltests.XPCShellRemote(kwargs, log)

        result = xpcshell.runTests(kwargs, testClass=remotexpcshelltests.RemoteXPCShellTestThread,


        return int(not result)

def get_parser():
    build_obj = MozbuildObject.from_environment(cwd=here)
    if conditions.is_android(build_obj):
        return parser_remote()
        return parser_desktop()

class MachCommands(MachCommandBase):
    @Command('xpcshell-test', category='testing',
             description='Run XPCOM Shell tests (API direct unit testing)',
             conditions=[lambda *args: True],
    def run_xpcshell_test(self, test_objects=None, **params):
        from mozbuild.controller.building import BuildDriver

        if test_objects is not None:
            from manifestparser import TestManifest
            m = TestManifest()
            params['manifest'] = m

        driver = self._spawn(BuildDriver)

        # We should probably have a utility function to ensure the tree is
        # ready to run tests. Until then, we just create the state dir (in
        # case the tree wasn't built with mach).

        if not params.get('log'):
            log_defaults = {self._mach_context.settings['test']['format']: sys.stdout}
            fmt_defaults = {
                "level": self._mach_context.settings['test']['level'],
                "verbose": True
            params['log'] = structured.commandline.setup_logging(
                "XPCShellTests", params, log_defaults, fmt_defaults)

        if not params['threadCount']:
            params['threadCount'] = int((cpu_count() * 3) / 2)

        if conditions.is_android(self):
            from mozrunner.devices.android_device import verify_android_device, get_adb_path
            if not params['adbPath']:
                params['adbPath'] = get_adb_path(self)
            xpcshell = self._spawn(AndroidXPCShellRunner)
            xpcshell = self._spawn(XPCShellRunner)
        xpcshell.cwd = self._mach_context.cwd

            return xpcshell.run_test(**params)
        except InvalidTestPathError as e:
            return 1