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Bug 1531803 - Part 3: Only set track id on JsepTrack if we're configured to emit track ids in SDP, and simplify some code. r=mjf Differential Revision:

<head><meta charset="utf-8"></head>
<body onload="checkResults()">
<b>Sub Frame 2 Navigated</b><br/>

<script type='application/javascript'>
  function checkResults() {
    // query the uri of the loadingPrincipal and the TriggeringPrincipal and pass
    // that information on to the parent for verification.
    var channel = SpecialPowers.wrap(window).docShell.currentDocumentChannel;
    var triggeringPrincipalURI = channel.loadInfo.triggeringPrincipal.URI.asciiSpec;
    var loadingPrincipalURI = channel.loadInfo.loadingPrincipal.URI.asciiSpec;
    var referrerURI = document.referrer;
                                    referrerURI}, "*");