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Bug 1531803 - Part 3: Only set track id on JsepTrack if we're configured to emit track ids in SDP, and simplify some code. r=mjf Differential Revision:

<meta charset="utf-8">
<title>Test marquee attribute event handlers in iframe sandbox</title>
  <!-- Note that the width here is slightly longer than the contents, to make
       sure we bounce and finish very quickly. -->
  <marquee loop="2" width="145" behavior="alternate" truespeed scrolldelay="1"
    onstart="parent.postMessage( + ' marquee onstart', '*');"
    onbounce="parent.postMessage( + ' marquee onbounce', '*');"
    onfinish="parent.postMessage( + ' marquee onfinish', '*');">
    Will bounce and finish