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/* -*- Mode: IDL; tab-width: 2; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at */

#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "nsISimpleEnumerator.idl"


// Define Contractid and CID
// {D85A17C1-AA7C-11d2-9B8C-00805F8A16D9}
{ 0xd85a17c1, 0xaa7c, 0x11d2, \
  { 0x9b, 0x8c, 0x0, 0x80, 0x5f, 0x8a, 0x16, 0xd9 } }


 * observer needs to check if the bundle handle matches
#define NS_STRBUNDLE_LOADED_TOPIC "strbundle-loaded"


native nsStrBundleLoadedFunc(nsStrBundleLoadedFunc);

[scriptable, uuid(D85A17C2-AA7C-11d2-9B8C-00805F8A16D9)]
interface nsIStringBundle : nsISupports
  wstring GetStringFromID(in long aID);
  wstring GetStringFromName(in wstring aName);

  // this is kind of like smprintf - except that you can
  // only pass it unicode strings, using the %S formatting character.
  // the id or name should refer to a string in the bundle that
  // uses %S.. do NOT try to use any other types.
  // this uses nsTextFormatter::smprintf to do the dirty work.
  wstring formatStringFromID(in long aID,
                             [array, size_is(length)] in wstring params,
                             in unsigned long length);
  wstring formatStringFromName(in wstring aName,
                               [array, size_is(length)] in wstring params,
                               in unsigned long length);
  Implements nsISimpleEnumerator, replaces nsIEnumerator 
  nsISimpleEnumerator getSimpleEnumeration();


[scriptable, uuid(D85A17C0-AA7C-11d2-9B8C-00805F8A16D9)]
interface nsIStringBundleService : nsISupports
  nsIStringBundle createBundle(in string aURLSpec);
  nsIStringBundle createExtensibleBundle(in string aRegistryKey);

   * Formats a message string from a status code and status arguments.
   * @param aStatus - The status code. This is mapped into a string ID and
   *            and used in the string lookup process (see nsIErrorService).
   * @param aStatusArg - The status message argument(s). Multiple arguments
   *            can be separated by newline ('\n') characters.
   * @return the formatted message
  wstring formatStatusMessage(in nsresult aStatus, in wstring aStatusArg);

   * flushes the string bundle cache - useful when the locale changes or
   * when we need to get some extra memory back
   * at some point, we might want to make this flush all the bundles,
   * because any bundles that are floating around when the locale changes
   * will suddenly contain bad data
  void flushBundles();