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Bug 1351440 - Part 2. Encapsulate DrawResult and imgIContainer::FLAG_* into imgDrawingParams, and pass it to PaintSVG. r=jwatt The DrawResult return was not in fact anything to do with the success or failure of that method, but was actually passing out a very specific piece of information about the success or failure of any imagelib drawing that may not have occurred under the various PaintSVG calls. The signature of PaintSVG is changed from DrawResult PaintSVG(...., uint32 flags); to void PaintSVG(...., imgDrawingParams& aPackage); imgDrawingParams wraps DrawResult and imgIContainer::FLAG_* as a pack, pass through PaintSVG to imagelib draw calls under beneath. MozReview-Commit-ID: IOq2evUAOQF

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#ifndef nsIPrintDialogService_h__
#define nsIPrintDialogService_h__

#include "nsISupports.h"

class nsPIDOMWindowOuter;
class nsIPrintSettings;
class nsIWebBrowserPrint;

 * Interface to a print dialog accessed through the widget library.

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{ 0x95, 0x33, 0xd0, 0x6a, 0x6d, 0xa6, 0xa6, 0xf0 } }

class nsIPrintDialogService  : public nsISupports

   * Initialize the service.
   * @return NS_OK or a suitable error.
  NS_IMETHOD Init() = 0;

   * Show the print dialog.
   * @param aParent   A DOM window the dialog will be parented to.
   * @param aSettings On entry, this contains initial settings for the
   *                  print dialog. On return, if the print operation should
   *                  proceed then this contains settings for the print
   *                  operation.
   * @param aWebBrowserPrint A nsIWebBrowserPrint object that can be used for
   *                         retreiving the title of the printed document.
   * @return NS_OK if the print operation should proceed
   * @return NS_ERROR_ABORT if the user indicated not to proceed
   * @return a suitable error for failures to show the print dialog.
  NS_IMETHOD Show(nsPIDOMWindowOuter *aParent, nsIPrintSettings *aSettings,
                  nsIWebBrowserPrint *aWebBrowserPrint) = 0;

   * Show the page setup dialog. Note that there is no way to tell whether the
   * user clicked OK or Cancel on the dialog.
   * @param aParent   A DOM window the dialog will be parented to.
   * @param aSettings On entry, this contains initial settings for the
   *                  page setup dialog. On return, this contains new default
   *                  page setup options.
   * @return NS_OK if everything is OK.
   * @return a suitable error for failures to show the page setup dialog.
  NS_IMETHOD ShowPageSetup(nsPIDOMWindowOuter *aParent, nsIPrintSettings *aSettings) = 0;



#define NS_PRINTDIALOGSERVICE_CONTRACTID ("@mozilla.org/widget/printdialog-service;1")

#endif // nsIPrintDialogService_h__