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#include "jswrapper.h"

namespace xpc {

class WrapperFactory {
    enum { WAIVE_XRAY_WRAPPER_FLAG = js::Wrapper::LAST_USED_FLAG << 1,

    // Return true if any of any of the nested wrappers have the flag set.
    static bool HasWrapperFlag(JSObject* wrapper, unsigned flag) {
        unsigned flags = 0;
        js::UncheckedUnwrap(wrapper, true, &flags);
        return !!(flags & flag);

    static bool IsXrayWrapper(JSObject* wrapper) {
        return HasWrapperFlag(wrapper, IS_XRAY_WRAPPER_FLAG);

    static bool HasWaiveXrayFlag(JSObject* wrapper) {
        return HasWrapperFlag(wrapper, WAIVE_XRAY_WRAPPER_FLAG);

    static bool IsCOW(JSObject* wrapper);

    static JSObject* GetXrayWaiver(JS::HandleObject obj);
    static JSObject* CreateXrayWaiver(JSContext* cx, JS::HandleObject obj);
    static JSObject* WaiveXray(JSContext* cx, JSObject* obj);

    // Computes whether we should allow the creation of an Xray waiver from
    // |target| to |origin|.
    static bool AllowWaiver(JSCompartment* target, JSCompartment* origin);

    // Convenience method for the above, operating on a wrapper.
    static bool AllowWaiver(JSObject* wrapper);

    // Prepare a given object for wrapping in a new compartment.
    static void PrepareForWrapping(JSContext* cx,
                                   JS::HandleObject scope,
                                   JS::HandleObject obj,
                                   JS::HandleObject objectPassedToWrap,
                                   JS::MutableHandleObject retObj);

    // Rewrap an object that is about to cross compartment boundaries.
    static JSObject* Rewrap(JSContext* cx,
                            JS::HandleObject existing,
                            JS::HandleObject obj);

    // Wrap wrapped object into a waiver wrapper and then re-wrap it.
    static bool WaiveXrayAndWrap(JSContext* cx, JS::MutableHandleValue vp);
    static bool WaiveXrayAndWrap(JSContext* cx, JS::MutableHandleObject object);

extern const js::Wrapper XrayWaiver;

} // namespace xpc

#endif /* _xpc_WRAPPERFACTORY_H */