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Bug 1423559: Use BaseRect access methods instead of member variables in widget/ r=mstange MozReview-Commit-ID: AqnztoUbsmk

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/* Private forward declarations. */

#ifndef xpcforwards_h___
#define xpcforwards_h___

// forward declarations of interally used classes...

class nsXPConnect;
class XPCJSContext;
class XPCJSRuntime;
class XPCContext;
class XPCCallContext;

class XPCJSThrower;

class nsXPCWrappedJS;
class nsXPCWrappedJSClass;

class XPCNativeMember;
class XPCNativeInterface;
class XPCNativeSet;

class XPCWrappedNative;
class XPCWrappedNativeProto;
class XPCWrappedNativeTearOff;

class XPCTraceableVariant;

class JSObject2WrappedJSMap;
class Native2WrappedNativeMap;
class IID2WrappedJSClassMap;
class IID2NativeInterfaceMap;
class ClassInfo2NativeSetMap;
class ClassInfo2WrappedNativeProtoMap;
class NativeSetMap;
class IID2ThisTranslatorMap;
class XPCWrappedNativeProtoMap;
class JSObject2JSObjectMap;

class nsXPCComponents;
class nsXPCComponents_Interfaces;
class nsXPCComponents_InterfacesByID;
class nsXPCComponents_Classes;
class nsXPCComponents_ClassesByID;
class nsXPCComponents_Results;
class nsXPCComponents_ID;
class nsXPCComponents_Exception;
class nsXPCComponents_Constructor;
class nsXPCComponents_Utils;
class nsXPCConstructor;

class AutoMarkingPtr;

class xpcProperty;

#endif /* xpcforwards_h___ */