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Bug 1382502 - Enable sccache on PGO builds. r=ted Note this will only enable it on try, autoland and mozilla-inbound, which are the only branches where sccache are enabled at the moment. Enabling on more builds (or not) is the subject of bug 1373460. Also note that bug 1181040, that ensured PGO builds weren't using sccache mentions that back then, link times went up when using sccache (with -Z7) vs. without, but that was presumably with MSVC 2013. Try suggests link times are the same using sccache now (still using -Z7, pending bug 1318370).

# Style Guide

The majority of our style recommendations are automatically enforced via our
automated linters. This document has guidelines that are less easy to lint for.

## Shell scripts

Shell scripts are OK for small tasks or wrappers, but prefer to use Python for
anything with a hint of complexity or in general.

Shell scripts should be written against bash, starting with this shebang:
#!/usr/bin/env bash

Note that the version of bash available on OS X by default is quite old, so be
careful when using new features.

Scripts should enable a few options at the top for robustness:
set -o errexit
set -o nounset
set -o pipefail

Quote all variables, using the full form: `"${SOME_VARIABLE}"`.

Use `"$(some-command)"` instead of backticks for command substitution. Note
that these should be quoted as well.