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Fri, 30 Jul 2010 16:48:57 -0700
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Switch reftest manifests to new, shorter syntax for widget toolkit tests. (Bug 570329) a2.0=tests This patch was created by running the following sed commands: s/MOZ_WIDGET_TOOLKIT=="\(gtk2\|cocoa\|qt\|windows\)"/\1Widget/g s/MOZ_WIDGET_TOOLKIT!="\(gtk2\|cocoa\|qt\|windows\)"/!\1Widget/g on all *.list files in the tree.

load 38589-1.xul
load 64049-1.html
load 281743-1.html
load 323497-1.html
asserts-if(gtk2Widget,0-2) load 382756-1.xul # Bug 540078
asserts-if(gtk2Widget,0-2) load 387745-1.svg # Bug 540078
load 429315-1.html
load 507563-1.html