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Bug 1304044 - implement auxclick r=smaug After click events with button 2 or 3 are fired, fire auxclick, a new event intended to represent a non-primary mouse click. Because this event, based on the design examples and blink's implementation, is intended to be used with content listeners, always dispatch on content listeners--not just those that force all events to be dispatched (i.e. document/window). This diverges from the behavior of our click events from non-primary buttons. Eventually, we hope this will replace click events for non-primary buttons. For now, leave those events for compatibility reasons. Additionally, add handling of this new event, where necessary. MozReview-Commit-ID: 8osozM4h6Ya

#!/usr/bin/env python
# This exists to paper over differences between gyp's `action` definitions
# and `GENERATED_FILES` semantics.

import buildconfig
import subprocess

def main(output, *inputs):
    output.write(subprocess.check_output([buildconfig.substs['PERL']] + list(inputs)))
    return None