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#ifndef nsPrintfCString_h___
#define nsPrintfCString_h___
#ifndef nsString_h___
#include "nsString.h"

   * |nsPrintfCString| lets you use a formated |printf| string as an |const nsACString|.
   *   myCStr += nsPrintfCString("%f", 13.917);
   *     // ...a general purpose substitute for |AppendFloat|
   * For longer patterns, you'll want to use the constructor that takes a length
   *   nsPrintfCString(128, "%f, %f, %f, %f, %f, %f, %f, %i, %f", x, y, z, 3.2, j, k, l, 3, 3.1);
   * Exceding the default size (which you must specify in the constructor, it is not determined)
   * causes an allocation, so avoid that.  If your formatted string exceeds the allocated space, it is
   * cut off at the size of the buffer, no error is reported (and no out-of-bounds writing occurs).
   * This class is intended to be useful for numbers and short
   * strings, not arbitrary formatting of other strings (e.g., with %s).  There is currently no
   * wide version of this class, since wide |printf| is not generally available.  That means
   * to get a wide version of your formatted data, you must, e.g.,
   *   CopyASCIItoUTF16(nsPrintfCString("%f", 13.917"), myStr);
   * That's another good reason to avoid this class for anything but numbers ... as strings can be
   * much more efficiently handled with |NS_LITERAL_[C]STRING| and |nsLiteral[C]String|.

class nsPrintfCString : public nsCString
    typedef nsCString string_type;

    enum { kLocalBufferSize=15 };
      // ought to be large enough for most things ... a |long long| needs at most 20 (so you'd better ask)
      //  pinkerton suggests 7.  We should measure and decide what's appropriate

      // XXX don't these need to be declared CDECL ??
      explicit nsPrintfCString( const char_type* format, ... );
      nsPrintfCString( size_type n, const char_type* format, ...);

      char_type  mLocalBuffer[ kLocalBufferSize + 1 ];

#endif // !defined(nsPrintfCString_h___)