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Bug 1518816 - Rework AnimationUtils::EffectSetContainsAnimatedScale to handle looking up the effect set correctly; r=hiro Differential Revision:

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#include "mozilla/RefPtr.h"
#include "ImageContainer.h"
#include "d3d9.h"
#include "mozilla/layers/TextureClientRecycleAllocator.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace layers {

class TextureClient;

class D3D9RecycleAllocator : public TextureClientRecycleAllocator {
  explicit D3D9RecycleAllocator(KnowsCompositor* aAllocator,
                                IDirect3DDevice9* aDevice)
      : TextureClientRecycleAllocator(aAllocator), mDevice(aDevice) {}

  already_AddRefed<TextureClient> CreateOrRecycleClient(
      gfx::SurfaceFormat aFormat, const gfx::IntSize& aSize);

  virtual already_AddRefed<TextureClient> Allocate(
      gfx::SurfaceFormat aFormat, gfx::IntSize aSize, BackendSelector aSelector,
      TextureFlags aTextureFlags, TextureAllocationFlags aAllocFlags) override;

  RefPtr<IDirect3DDevice9> mDevice;

 * Wraps a D3D9 texture, shared with the compositor though DXGI.
 * At the moment it is only used with D3D11 compositing, and the corresponding
 * TextureHost is DXGITextureHostD3D11.
class DXGID3D9TextureData : public TextureData {
  static DXGID3D9TextureData* Create(gfx::IntSize aSize,
                                     gfx::SurfaceFormat aFormat,
                                     TextureFlags aFlags,
                                     IDirect3DDevice9* aDevice);


  virtual void FillInfo(TextureData::Info& aInfo) const override;

  virtual bool Lock(OpenMode) override { return true; }

  virtual void Unlock() override {}

  virtual bool Serialize(SurfaceDescriptor& aOutDescriptor) override;

  virtual void Deallocate(LayersIPCChannel* aAllocator) override {}

  IDirect3DDevice9* GetD3D9Device() { return mDevice; }
  IDirect3DTexture9* GetD3D9Texture() { return mTexture; }
  HANDLE GetShareHandle() const { return mHandle; }
  already_AddRefed<IDirect3DSurface9> GetD3D9Surface() const;

  const D3DSURFACE_DESC& GetDesc() const { return mDesc; }

  gfx::IntSize GetSize() const {
    return gfx::IntSize(mDesc.Width, mDesc.Height);

  DXGID3D9TextureData(gfx::SurfaceFormat aFormat, IDirect3DTexture9* aTexture,
                      HANDLE aHandle, IDirect3DDevice9* aDevice);

  RefPtr<IDirect3DDevice9> mDevice;
  RefPtr<IDirect3DTexture9> mTexture;
  gfx::SurfaceFormat mFormat;
  HANDLE mHandle;

// Image class that wraps a IDirect3DSurface9. This class copies the image
// passed into SetData(), so that it can be accessed from other D3D devices.
// This class also manages the synchronization of the copy, to ensure the
// resource is ready to use.
class D3D9SurfaceImage : public Image {
  virtual ~D3D9SurfaceImage();

  HRESULT AllocateAndCopy(D3D9RecycleAllocator* aAllocator,
                          IDirect3DSurface9* aSurface,
                          const gfx::IntRect& aRegion);

  // Returns the description of the shared surface.
  const D3DSURFACE_DESC& GetDesc() const;

  gfx::IntSize GetSize() const override;

  already_AddRefed<gfx::SourceSurface> GetAsSourceSurface() override;

  TextureClient* GetTextureClient(KnowsCompositor* aForwarder) override;

  already_AddRefed<IDirect3DSurface9> GetD3D9Surface() const;

  HANDLE GetShareHandle() const;

  bool IsValid() const override { return mValid; }

  void Invalidate() { mValid = false; }

  gfx::IntSize mSize;
  RefPtr<TextureClient> mTextureClient;
  RefPtr<IDirect3DTexture9> mTexture;
  HANDLE mShareHandle;
  bool mValid;

}  // namespace layers
}  // namespace mozilla