author Kai Engert <>
Tue, 07 Apr 2009 03:36:45 +0200
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Bug 486182, Land NSS 3.12.3 final in mozilla-central r=nelson

 New in Mozilla patchset
 -A precaching framework has been added, currently with support for precaching
 linear interpolations of various formats
 -inline assembly for linear interpolation has been removed on the grounds
 that it is actually much slower than generated code as a result of 'div'

 New in ver 1.17
Changes in API

WIN64 support
_vsnprintf wrap
BOOL replaced by LCMSBOOL
cmsSetLanguage parameters changed to match ICC spec
removed support for extended gamut descriptor (was never fully implemented)
_cmsMalloc wrapper for malloc
_cmsFree wrapper for free

All errors moved to fatal, since there is no easy recovery strategy
Vulnerability fixes on cmsio1.c 
Status check, many functions now check the status when calling other functions. Improved robustness against ill-formed profiles.
_cmsSaveProfile didn't copy tags from a file based profile, fixed.

icctrans: CMYKcm support wrongly implemented, fixed.
icclink: linking 3 to 7 channels didn't work in some cases, fixed.