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Bug 1572337: Make GetRunningEventDelay handle threadpools r=froydnj Threadpools run an event that then runs other events, so we need to tweak things for GetRunningEventDelay() Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D44058

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#ifndef nsThreadPool_h__
#define nsThreadPool_h__

#include "nsIThreadPool.h"
#include "nsIThread.h"
#include "nsIRunnable.h"
#include "nsCOMArray.h"
#include "nsCOMPtr.h"
#include "nsThreadUtils.h"
#include "mozilla/Atomics.h"
#include "mozilla/Attributes.h"
#include "mozilla/AlreadyAddRefed.h"
#include "mozilla/EventQueue.h"
#include "mozilla/Mutex.h"
#include "mozilla/Monitor.h"

class nsThreadPool final : public nsIThreadPool, public nsIRunnable {



  void ShutdownThread(nsIThread* aThread);
  nsresult PutEvent(nsIRunnable* aEvent);
  nsresult PutEvent(already_AddRefed<nsIRunnable> aEvent, uint32_t aFlags);

  nsCOMArray<nsIThread> mThreads;
  mozilla::Mutex mMutex;
  mozilla::CondVar mEventsAvailable;
  mozilla::EventQueue mEvents;
  uint32_t mThreadLimit;
  uint32_t mIdleThreadLimit;
  uint32_t mIdleThreadTimeout;
  uint32_t mIdleCount;
  uint32_t mStackSize;
  nsCOMPtr<nsIThreadPoolListener> mListener;
  bool mShutdown;
  bool mRegressiveMaxIdleTime;
  mozilla::Atomic<bool, mozilla::Relaxed> mIsAPoolThreadFree;
  nsCString mName;
  nsThreadPoolNaming mThreadNaming;

#define NS_THREADPOOL_CID                            \
  { /* 547ec2a8-315e-4ec4-888e-6e4264fe90eb */       \
    0x547ec2a8, 0x315e, 0x4ec4, {                    \
      0x88, 0x8e, 0x6e, 0x42, 0x64, 0xfe, 0x90, 0xeb \
    }                                                \

#endif  // nsThreadPool_h__