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Bug 811763 - Ensure crash reporter is invoked with the right android user serial number in Android 4.2 and above. r=blassey, snorp

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface mozIStorageConnection;
interface nsIFile;

[scriptable, function, uuid(ae94f0a5-ebdf-48f4-9959-085e13235d8d)]
interface mozIStorageQuotaCallback : nsISupports
   * Called when the file size quota for a group of databases is exceeded.
   * @param aFilename
   *        The filename of the database that has exceeded the quota.
   * @param aCurrentSizeLimit
   *        The current size (in bytes) of the quota.
   * @param aCurrentTotalSize
   *        The current size of all databases in the quota group.
   * @param aUserData
   *        Any additional data that was provided to the
   *        setQuotaForFilenamePattern function.
   * @returns A new quota size. A new quota of 0 will disable the quota callback
   *          and any quota value less than aCurrentTotalSize will cause the
   *          database operation to fail with NS_ERROR_FILE_NO_DEVICE_SPACE.
  long long quotaExceeded(in ACString aFilename,
                          in long long aCurrentSizeLimit,
                          in long long aCurrentTotalSize,
                          in nsISupports aUserData);

 * This is a temporary interface that should eventually merge with
 * mozIStorageService.
[scriptable, uuid(4d81faf5-fe01-428b-99b8-c94cba12fd72)]
interface mozIStorageServiceQuotaManagement : nsISupports
   * See mozIStorageService.openDatabase. Exactly the same only with a custom
   * SQLite VFS.
  mozIStorageConnection openDatabaseWithVFS(in nsIFile aDatabaseFile,
                                            in ACString aVFSName);

   * Set a file size quota for a group of databases matching the given filename
   * pattern, optionally specifying a callback when the quota is exceeded.
   * @param aPattern
   *        A pattern to match filenames for inclusion in the quota system. May
   *        contain the following special characters:
   *          '*'    Matches any sequence of zero or more characters.
   *          '?'    Matches exactly one character.
   *          [...]  Matches one character from the enclosed list of characters.
   *          [^...] Matches one character not in the enclosed list.
   * @param aSizeLimit
   *        The size limit (in bytes) for the quota group.
   * @param aCallback
   *        A callback that will be used when the quota is exceeded.
   * @param aUserData
   *        Additional information to be passed to the callback.
  void setQuotaForFilenamePattern(in ACString aPattern,
                                  in long long aSizeLimit,
                                  in mozIStorageQuotaCallback aCallback,
                                  in nsISupports aUserData);

   * Adds, removes, or updates the file size information maintained by the quota
   * system for files not opened through openDatabaseWithVFS().
   * Use this function when you want files to be included in quota calculations
   * that are either a) not SQLite databases, or b) SQLite databases that have
   * not been opened.
   * This function will have no effect on files that do not match an existing
   * quota pattern (set previously by setQuotaForFilenamePattern()).
   * @param aFile
   *        The file for which quota information should be updated. If the file
   *        exists then its size information will be added or refreshed. If the
   *        file does not exist then the file will be removed from tracking
   *        under the quota system.
  void updateQuotaInformationForFile(in nsIFile aFile);