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#include "nsIURL.idl"

interface nsIFile;

 * nsIFileURL provides access to the underlying nsIFile object corresponding to
 * an URL.  The URL scheme need not be file:, since other local protocols may
 * map URLs to files (e.g., resource:).
[scriptable, uuid(e91ac988-27c2-448b-b1a1-3822e1ef1987)]
interface nsIFileURL : nsIURL
     * Get/Set nsIFile corresponding to this URL.
     *  - Getter returns a reference to an immutable object.  Callers must clone
     *    before attempting to modify the returned nsIFile object.  NOTE: this
     *    constraint might not be enforced at runtime, so beware!!
     *  - Setter clones the nsIFile object (allowing the caller to safely modify
     *    the nsIFile object after setting it on this interface).
    attribute nsIFile file;