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#include "GLContext.h"
#include "WGLLibrary.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace gl {

class GLContextWGL final : public GLContext {
  // From Window: (possibly for offscreen!)
  GLContextWGL(CreateContextFlags flags, const SurfaceCaps& caps,
               bool isOffscreen, HDC aDC, HGLRC aContext,
               HWND aWindow = nullptr);

  // From PBuffer
  GLContextWGL(CreateContextFlags flags, const SurfaceCaps& caps,
               bool isOffscreen, HANDLE aPbuffer, HDC aDC, HGLRC aContext,
               int aPixelFormat);


  virtual GLContextType GetContextType() const override {
    return GLContextType::WGL;

  bool Init() override;
  virtual bool MakeCurrentImpl() const override;
  virtual bool IsCurrentImpl() const override;
  virtual bool IsDoubleBuffered() const override { return mIsDoubleBuffered; }
  virtual bool SwapBuffers() override;
  virtual bool SetupLookupFunction() override;
  virtual void GetWSIInfo(nsCString* const out) const override;
  HGLRC Context() { return mContext; }

  friend class GLContextProviderWGL;

  HDC mDC;
  HGLRC mContext;
  HWND mWnd;
  HANDLE mPBuffer;
  int mPixelFormat;

  bool mIsDoubleBuffered = false;

}  // namespace gl
}  // namespace mozilla

#endif  // GLCONTEXTWGL_H_