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Bug 688238. imglib: Move Decoder::Init() arguments into the constructor. r=joedrew This makes the lifetime of the arguments more clear. i.e. that they stay the same for the lifetime of the decoder.

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#include "nsIconDecoder.h"
#include "nsIInputStream.h"
#include "RasterImage.h"
#include "imgIContainerObserver.h"
#include "nspr.h"
#include "nsRect.h"

#include "ImageErrors.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace imagelib {

nsIconDecoder::nsIconDecoder(RasterImage *aImage, imgIDecoderObserver* aObserver)
 : Decoder(aImage, aObserver),
  // Nothing to do

{ }

nsIconDecoder::WriteInternal(const char *aBuffer, PRUint32 aCount)
  NS_ABORT_IF_FALSE(!HasError(), "Shouldn't call WriteInternal after error!");

  // We put this here to avoid errors about crossing initialization with case
  // jumps on linux.
  PRUint32 bytesToRead = 0;
  nsresult rv;

  // Performance isn't critical here, so our update rectangle is 
  // always the full icon
  nsIntRect r(0, 0, mWidth, mHeight);

  // Loop until the input data is gone
  while (aCount > 0) {
    switch (mState) {
      case iconStateStart:

        // Grab the width
        mWidth = (PRUint8)*aBuffer;

        // Book Keeping
        mState = iconStateHaveHeight;

      case iconStateHaveHeight:

        // Grab the Height
        mHeight = (PRUint8)*aBuffer;

        // Post our size to the superclass
        PostSize(mWidth, mHeight);
        if (HasError()) {
          // Setting the size lead to an error; this can happen when for example
          // a multipart channel sends an image of a different size.
          mState = iconStateFinished;

        // If We're doing a size decode, we're done
        if (IsSizeDecode()) {
          mState = iconStateFinished;

        // Add the frame and signal
        rv = mImage->EnsureFrame(0, 0, 0, mWidth, mHeight,
                                 &mImageData, &mPixBytesTotal);
        if (NS_FAILED(rv)) {

        // Tell the superclass we're starting a frame

        // Book Keeping
        mState = iconStateReadPixels;

      case iconStateReadPixels:

        // How many bytes are we reading?
        bytesToRead = NS_MIN(aCount, mPixBytesTotal - mPixBytesRead);

        // Copy the bytes
        memcpy(mImageData + mPixBytesRead, aBuffer, bytesToRead);

        // Invalidate

        // Book Keeping
        aBuffer += bytesToRead;
        aCount -= bytesToRead;
        mPixBytesRead += bytesToRead;

        // If we've got all the pixel bytes, we're finished
        if (mPixBytesRead == mPixBytesTotal) {
          mState = iconStateFinished;

      case iconStateFinished:

        // Consume all excess data silently
        aCount = 0;


} // namespace imagelib
} // namespace mozilla