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Merge backout of Bug 592943 due to extensions bustage

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#ifdef XP_MACOSX

#include "nsCoreAnimationSupport.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace layers {

class THEBES_API MacIOSurfaceImageOGL : public MacIOSurfaceImage
  typedef mozilla::gl::GLContext GLContext;

  MacIOSurfaceImageOGL(LayerManagerOGL *aManager);
  virtual ~MacIOSurfaceImageOGL();

  void SetUpdateCallback(UpdateSurfaceCallback aCallback, void* aPluginInstanceOwner);
  void SetDestroyCallback(DestroyCallback aCallback);
  void Update(ImageContainer* aContainer);

  void SetData(const Data &aData);

  GLTexture mTexture;
  gfxIntSize mSize;
  nsAutoPtr<nsIOSurface> mIOSurface;
  void* mPluginInstanceOwner;
  UpdateSurfaceCallback mUpdateCallback;
  DestroyCallback mDestroyCallback;

} /* layers */
} /* mozilla */
#endif /* XP_MACOSX */